The Termination by Annette MoriThe Termination by Annette Mori is a story of romance, humor, adventure/action, and intrigue. This story is also about listening to your intuition and delving deeply into your subconscious to solve past enigmas.

For Codee, her day couldn’t get any worse when she finds out that she had to attend a termination meeting for Sawyer, an outstanding staff member who has had only good reviews from all sectors of the organization. Numerous questions plague Codee as she makes her way across the icy parking lot toward the meeting. She slips on the ice and knocks out completely.

When she finally wakes up, she is in a totally different world from the one she was just in. Codee knows that she has to save Sawyer, but what fate is she saving Sawyer from? The entire world Codee has entered is so bizarre that it is unbelievable and her role in this world leaves her with so many weird clues and unanswered questions. Can Codee save Sawyer? Will this weird world leave her perpetually confused?

The Characters

I have a huge soft spot for Codee. As an HR executive, life can be a rollercoaster ride and Codee manages to keep a soft touch in her interactions and decision making with the hospital staff. Just reading about what makes her tick and the circumstances that affected her and the things that helped to shape her life have made me love her more than ever. Codee is so independent and she possesses a brilliant mind. She relies on her intuition to guide her in any decision-making matter and this has made her my favorite character in this story.

Sawyer is such a darling! Sawyer works as an admitting clerk at the hospital and her kind-hearted approach captures Codee’s attention. Her warm and engaging personality drew me in. Sawyer is genuine in her affections and care for others. I couldn’t help but hope that she would eventually find the soulmate she deserves. Her calming presence made a huge impact on Codee’s life.

Oh my gosh, Erma is a bag of laughs! This feisty elderly lady is Codee’s next door neighbor and her hilarious opinions take center stage! Her wisecracks had me doubled over and fighting to catch my breath from laughing so much. Erma’s no-nonsense approach, motherly manner and willingness to help Codee is so adorable that this feisty lady has a piece of my heart as well.

The Writing Style

I just love the fact that I can never place any of Annette Mori’s stories into one neat category. This story is no exception. I really enjoyed the mixture of romance/dystopian/adventure/futuristic themes, with the right amount of humor thrown in for good measure. The author did an excellent job of making the characters realistic and endearing; because of this I was completely sucked into the story.

The Pros

I was so pleased to read a story about characters who specialize in Human Resource and Social Services. I have not read many books with characters in these roles so I was very happy to find them here.

The Cons

I’m just sad that this story does not have a sequel.

The Conclusion

I can surely promise you that this story will keep you entertained with humor, cheeky characters and a sweet, slow-burning romance against the backdrop of embarking on an eccentric adventure. There’s no way you’ll want to put this book down once you start reading it!

Excerpt from The Termination

“Codee, we don’t have much time. I don’t know what’s going on with you, but the arrangements are the same as always. The morgue driver is part of the network. She’ll help us again.” Vernetta turned her gaze to Sawyer. “All we need to do is get a stretcher and transport you out of here. We can get Dr. Smith to verify that I administered the injection and you expired without complication. He owes you and he’s done this before for us. Codee, you’ll verify that I did my job. You mentioned the last time that we don’t need to worry about Sharlie. Is that still true? She looked awfully guilty just now.”

“Honestly I don’t know anything at this moment. This is like one big nightmare, but I’ll do whatever I need to do. We are getting out of here-alive. I have a place I can take Sawyer, but I might need a doctor to check my head, because nothing makes sense to me. I think I have a fracture in my arm as well, but that is the least of our worries. I’m in, and you can explain everything to me later.” Codee turned her penetrating gaze back to Sawyer.

“I don’t think it’s wise for you to get personally involved.” Vernetta shifted her feet, appearing nervous. “I’ve been hearing rumors a slimy little mole is ratting us all out. Something feels different lately.”

“All the more reason for me to do this. I’m taking Sawyer to my cabin in the woods, and that’s final. I just need to get a few things at my house first. Do you think you can drive my car and meet us there? It’s the only Prius in the management parking lot…” Codee rattled off the address, dug into her coat pocket, retrieved a set of keys, and tossed them to Vernetta.

“Okay, we don’t have time to argue. I’ll get the stretcher.” Vernetta spun on her heel and exited.

Codee looked dazed, but Sawyer was too surprised at the turn of events to say anything. She wasn’t sure whom to trust, but it seemed like everyone except Sharlie and Hilda were on her side.

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