kim baldwin taken by stormTaken By Storm by Kim Baldwin is a fantastic lesbian audio book. Two women meet on the way to vacation in Europe, there is instant chemistry between them and when they are put in a life threatening situation things become interesting.

Hudson Mead is a reporter who is used to being in war zones and natural disasters. She loves the thrill of life or death situations and even her time off is spent doing extreme sports. This vaccation she has chosen to do extreme skiing in the Alps.

Steffi Graham is on her first trip abroad. She is relatively new to the rock-climbing scene but loves the sport and is keen on getting some real adventure into her vacation.

Both women are on a train in the middle of a heavy snow season when an avalanche derails and buries the train. It turns into a life or death situation and they must face their fears to try and rescue the handful of survivors.

The Characters

The main characters were well created and I couldn’t help but cheer them on in their adventure.
Baldwin also gave us some fun side characters with their own plot lines. She developed the characters really well and made me feel for them when they got hurt or died. I was really sad to lose one side character in particular.

The Writing Style and Narration

This was a well-written story and the narration was perfect. I thoroughly enjoyed this audio book and highly recommend it.

The pacing on the story was superb with action and slower moments that felt natural and made it engaging. The tension built from beginning to end making it a real page-turner – or whatever the audio book equivalent is.

The Pros

All of it. There wasn’t a single wrong step. I loved this book.

The Cons

For those looking for action from the start you have to wait a bit as Baldwin sets the scene and the characters. It’s worth it though, so hang in there.

The Conclusion

This is the perfect action novel to listen to when you have some time. You will be unhappy to stop listening so make sure you have no distractions around when you start.

Excerpt from Taken By Storm by Kim Baldwin

“Very tempting,” Steffi replied as she handed the brownie over and took one for herself. “But where the hell would be climbing in February?”

“An ice wall near St. Moritz, primarily. And I know what you’re going to say,” Kris added before Steffi could speak. “Yes, you don’t have nearly enough experience on ice – ”

“Enough? Try virtually none. One time, up a twenty-foot frozen waterfall. And that was months ago.”

“I was going to say there’s plenty of time for you to get up to speed between now and then. There’s Skookum Falls. Dragontail. Or, Fin and I can take you up to B.C. for a weekend or two if there’s not much ice locally. Over there, you’ll be climbing with us, and there are routes for all levels of experience. I’ll watch out for you.”

“You really think I’ll have the time to get ready?”


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