Take Your Medicine by Hannah CarmackTake Your Medicine by Hannah Carmack was a fun re-imagining novella of Alice in Wonderland with quirky characters. I have been in a reading rut and Take Your Medicine pulled me out of that rut and into the book.

Alice lived a good 17 years before her fainting spells got so bad she wasn’t allowed to leave her mother’s property any more.

She is a senior in high school and she has been stuck at home for months. She spends a lot of her days hanging out in her mother’s garden or lounging around while her mother, a heart surgeon, the “Queen of Hearts”, is away at work.

A day when Alice is watering the orchard for her mother, near the back fence, she feels restless. It’s been too long since she has visited the spot just off the property where she would hang before she got sick. Wandering her way back to her old hang out she spots a girl, and she is acting rather unusual. Unfortunately it is only moments after spotting the girl before a bird attacks Alice that she faints.

Alice comes to, she awakens to the girl who introduces herself as Rabbit and it turns out she is a witch. A witch who thinks she can help Alice with her fainting spells. Sick and tired of all the treatments and doctors that haven’t worked Alice is ready to follow Rabbit down the rabbit hole.

The Characters

I really enjoyed the characters. The story is a novella, its short, but I was still able to get a good sense of who the characters were, which was quirky and fun.

The Writing Style

Hannah Carmack’s writing style kept me engaged through the whole story. She did an excellent job of creating a strong story line and lovable characters in a short amount of time.

The Pros

I love a good re-imagining! Including this one! I loved looking for the Alice in Wonderland parallels in the book.

The Cons

No quarrels or qualms on this one.

The Conclusion

This is a fun little story. The quirky characters make it unique and the story has fun with its Alice in Wonderland theme. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a light, fun, and easy read.

Excerpt from Take Your Medicine by Hannah Carmack

I trekked across the woods and prairie until I found myself outside of the trailer. It was a little hard to decipher whether or not they were in just from the looks of the place, so I knocked.

“It’s open!” I recognized the voice as Kat’s before even hearing Rabbit respond to her.

“What if it’s a murderer, Kat? You just invited them in to murder us.” I could hear Rabbit scolding Kat through the dented front door.

I walked in with my hands playfully put up. “Not a murderer.”

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  • ISBN number: 9781948608220
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