Take My Hand by Missouri VaunTake My Hand by Missouri Vaun is a sweet romance set in the small town of Pine Cone, Georgia. River Hemsworth has come from New York to settle her aunt’s affairs. She didn’t know her aunt well but discovers that they had a lot in common.

Unfortunately she has a little accident on her drive into town and ends up needing her car towed. The tow truck driver is Clay Cahill, a sweet butch who caught River’s eye.

When River finally makes it to her aunt’s place she discovers that her aunt’s business is not so different from her own, they are both gallery owners and her aunt obviously has an eye for art as there are several gorgeous pieces that have her speechless. She was certainly not expecting anything of this quality in the small town of Pine Cone. Through a letter from her aunt she discovers that the paintings were done by none other than the quiet, attractive Clay and she becomes determined to find out why Clay doesn’t seem to be painting anymore.

Clay came back home with a broken heart after trying to be a rising star in the New York art world. Now she find safety and belonging in the small town where she works at her grandfather’s garage. Spending her days driving the tow truck and fixing cars isn’t anywhere near as glamorous as the art world but it also won’t break your heart. So when River bursts into Clay’s life she is both intrigued and worried. She is drawn to River and wants to get to know her but there are things about River that send up warning flairs and make her want to run in the opposite direction.

It’s a good thing that some of Clay’s friends are there to ensure that she and River cross paths a lot.

The Characters

Clay is sweet and hurt. She is nursing a broken heart and does’t want to trust again. But her friends cajole her into realising that she needs to give River a chance.

River is used to the big city bustle of New York and she underestimates the small town of Pine Cone. But after a while she comes to realise that small town life may not be as bad after all.

The Writing Style

This is a lovely romance. Missouri Vaunt writes compelling characters and the small town setting comes to life as the story progresses.

The Narration

AJ Ferraro was a good fit for this book. I could differentiate between the characters and her pacing and revelations worked well with the story.

The Pros

I enjoyed this sweet romance audiobook.

The Cons

No cons.

The Conclusion

If you like small town romances where the town comes to life and stories about opposites attracting then this is a great choice for you.

I enjoy the way Missouri Vaunt writes and her character work. It’s a good solid romance and the concept of three different authors writing the series is always great for readers.

Excerpt from Take My Hand by Missouri Vaun

River tried to remain focused and answer in a neutral tone, but became utterly distracted when a large truck eased onto the grass, pulled up behind her car, and the person she assumed was Clay stepped out. As Clay approached, River realized the androgynously attractive driver was a woman. She wasn’t sure who she’d expected to be behind the wheel of Pine Cone’s solitary tow truck, but it certainly wasn’t someone who looked like this.

Clay Cahill was tall, probably close to six feet. She was wearing faded classic Levi’s that hung low on her hips, with scuffed work boots and a white T-shirt that fit snug across her broad shoulders and leanly muscled well-tanned arms, but draped more loosely over her torso. Clay had short, unkempt dark hair, and when she stood next to River, she added dreamy brown eyes to Clay’s list of visual charms.

River was beginning to believe the bump to her head might have transported her to some twilight zone lesbian version of Steel Magnolias. Dr. Beaumont definitely gave off a gay vibe, and so did Grace, although that could just be the utility belt and sidearm tipping the scale. And now this incredibly hot tow truck driver with a brooding James Dean vibe was giving River a smoldering gaze. Shayla returned with the tea, breaking the spell for a moment. River took a swig from the glass, wet from condensation as the cool beverage met the roasted summer air. As soon as she swallowed the sugary liquid, her throat began to close. She coughed.

There was the sort of sweet tea she’d had at the trendy southern cuisine café in Chelsea called the Whistle Stop. And then there was eating a bowl of refined white sugar with a spoon. This glass of tea was somewhere in the middle. It was so sweet she expected to pass out at any moment from diabetic shock.

“Now doesn’t that taste refreshing?” crooned Connie.

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Pine Cone Romance

Take My Hand by Missouri Vaunt

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 9781635551044
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
  • Audiobook Publisher: Bold Strokes Books Inc
  • Narrator: AJ Ferraro
  • Missouri Vaun Online

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