Her Best Friend’s Sister by Meghan O’Brien

Her Best Friend’s Sister by Meghan O’Brien is a new erotic romance that might just be this author’s hottest book yet. Bold claim, I know, but trust me when I say that the sex in this book is off the charts. Claire Barker is on her way out the door from feeding her best friend’s cat when she manages to embarrass herself by making a quip about masturbation just as

Camp Rewind by Meghan O’Brien

Camp Rewind by Meghan O’Brien is a fabulous book that tackles serious issues while still being deliciously sexy. It’s so good that it even made it on my Top 10 Lesbian Books of 2016. Alice Wu doesn’t particularly want to go to an adult summer camp, but she’ll try if it will get her therapist off her back. A year after her husband left, Alice is still in regular sessions

The Client by Meghan O’Brien

The Client by Meghan O’Brien is an erotic lesbian short story that’s the perfect choice when you have an hour to kill and want to read something that’s super sexy, thoughtful and just a little bit sweet. Juliet Carson is a part-time professional escort with a touch of new-client jitters. When the client shows up and is like something out of her nightmares, she’s more than pleasantly surprised by the way

The Three by Meghan OBrien

The Three by Meghan OBrien is one of my favorite books. It’s certainly my favorite Meghan O’Brien novel (followed closely by The Night Off). If you haven’t discovered her work yet, you don’t know what you’re missing! O’Brien’s work is gold: well-written, interesting story lines that are usually a twist on what you’re expecting, and super-steamy sex scenes. The Three is unique among O’Brien’s works for a couple reasons. First, it

top 10 lesbian fiction of 2016

This is Tara’s Top 10 Lesbian Books of 2016 list – Sheena If we can agree on anything, it’s that 2016 was an excellent year for lesfic. I cannot believe the number of books that I enjoyed that came out this year, and I didn’t get to read nearly as many as I would have liked. It pains me to choose only 10 books because I’ve read so many that

Wild by Meghan OBrien slider

Wild by Meghan O’Brien is a paranormal romance with a heavy emphasis on the romance. It’s got the sexiness we all expect from this author, but with a shifter and a wannabe serial killer thrown in the mix, it’s totally different from anything else she’s published. Selene Rhodes lives alone and stays away from people as much as possible, paying escorts to tie her to a table once a  month

Delayed Gratification: The Honeymoon by Meghan O’Brien

Delayed Gratification: The Honeymoon by Meghan O’Brien is an erotic novella that shows how sometimes a detour leads you to the right destination. Willa and Rae have been together for 10 years and have just had the wedding of their dreams. They’re on their way to Europe when a snowstorm in Chicago leaves them stranded at the airport. Unwilling to give up on her meticulously planned dream honeymoon, Willa finds

10 best supernatural lesbian books

This is my list of the 10 best supernatural lesbian books. I adore reading supernatural novels and am always drawn to them so I thought I would put out a list. What’s better than a top 10 list of lesbian books? 1 Five Moons Rising by Lise MacTague published by Bella Books Back Of The Book: Unknown to regular citizens, nightmarish creatures lurk in the dark underbelly of human civilization.

10 best lesbian audiobooks

Getting onto the list of the 10 Best Lesbian Audiobooks of 2016 and before is perhaps even more difficult than getting onto the list of the 10 best lesbian novels. My reasoning is that not only do you need a great story that is well written, but you also need to have a performance that does it justice and a production that is high quality. These 10 lesbian audiobooks do just

The Chasing Game by Meghan O'Brien: Book Review

The Chasing Game by Meghan O’Brien is a perfect erotic short that you should never, ever read in public or in front of family or anywhere you might get interrupted. It’s kinky and emotional, featuring consensual non-consent play between a happily married couple, and is exactly the kind of erotica that lesfic needs. Lucy and Jamie have been together for a decade and they’re just as attracted and sexually engaged