Amounting to Nothing by Karis Walsh

Amounting to Nothing by Karis Walsh is the third book in her Tacoma Mounted Patrol series. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t read the other two books (I haven’t), because this one fully stands alone. Merissa Karr is a wealthy young woman who isn’t happy to sit back and live off of her inheritance. She has a passion for urban renewal that she’s been able to nurture through her work

Blindsided by Karis Walsh

Blindsided by Karis Walsh is a great place to start if you’ve never read a book by her before. Cara Bradley is the on air talent for a little show on public access television that spotlights people and organizations doing charitable works, or helping out others. Once such spotlight is of Lenae McIntyre and her guide dog training facility, which could definitely use the infusion of donations that Cara’s program

Love on Tap by Karis Walsh

Love on Tap by Karis Walsh is a contemporary romance between an archaeologist and an artisanal brewer. That might sound like an odd match, but thanks to the author’s deft hand, it works very well and makes for a satisfying read. Stacey “Tace” Lomond is used to taking care of everyone else, having basically raised her siblings after her mom took off, and doing without so they could be happy.

sweet hearts novella collection reviewed here

Sweet Hearts is a collection of novellas by popular Bold Strokes Books authors Melissa Brayden, Rachel Spangler, and Karis Walsh. Each story features a side character from one of their previous novels. In Melissa Brayden’s Firework, Lucy Danaher, best friend and business partner to Emory in Heart Block, clashes with Kristin James, a reporter and environmental activist planning an article that will paint her newswire service in a negative light.