Outcaste by Fletcher DeLancey: Book Review

Outcaste by Fletcher DeLancey is the next book in the Chronicles of Alsea series. Though the title states that Outcaste is the 6th book in the Chronicles of Alsea series, it did not feel like a sequel, or even the prequel that it could have been. It is a coming of age tale that spans well into adulthood for a woman named Rahel Sayana. She lives in a world of

Catalyst by Fletcher DeLancey

Catalyst by Fletcher DeLancey is the fourth book in the Chronicles of Alsea series. After not seeing much of the humans, Ekatya Serrado and Lhyn Rivers, who put the events into motion that introduced the planet of Alsea to the galaxy, we finally get a book dedicated to their story in the interim. Ekatya and Lhyn are back on Alsea for the first time in over a year. They’re glad

top 10 lesbian science fiction

We scoured the world of lesbian science fiction and found you the best of the best for this list of the Top 10 Lesbian Science Fiction. We decided to include series as singular picks because, you know, we here at The Lesbian Review are super indecisive and don’t play by the rules. 1 On Deception’s Edge series by Lise MacTague Published by Bella Books Chosen by Sheena and Brooklyn Depths

Vellmar The Blade by Fletcher DeLancey

Vellmar The Blade by Fletcher DeLancey takes place on Alsea but it is readable without having read books one, two and three. Vellmar is the daughter of the most famous blade thrower in all of Alsea. Her mother has been teaching her how to throw blades ever since she could tell which end of a knife is the blade and which end is the handle. Now that Vellmar is older

Without A Front - The Warrior's Challenge by Fletcher DeLancey:

Without A Front The Warriors Challenge by Fletcher DeLancey is the third book in the Alsea Chronicles. If you haven’t read any of the other books then this review contains spoilers. Don’t do it to yourself! Go back and read The Caphenon and Without a Front The Producer’s Challenge before you read this review! And to be honest, you don’t even need to read this review, trust and believe this book is

the producers challenge by fletcher

Without a Front The Producers Challenge by Fletcher DeLancey is the second book in her Chronicles of Alsea series. It is not a standalone novel, so first read The Caphenon, if you haven’t already, and then come back to this review. Also, be warned that this book ends on a cliffhanger and you’ll want to have Without a Front The Warrior’s Challenge ready so you can immediately jump to it.

The Caphenon by Fletcher DeLancey: Book Review

The Caphenon by Fletcher DeLancey is the first book of her Chronicles of Alsea series, and is exactly the kind of sci-fi novel that lesfic (lesbian fiction) has sorely needed. Brooklyn and I (Tara) were both excited to read it, so we decided to do something a little different: read it together and then geek out about it in a joint review. Alsea might be used to celestial stones falling