Ask Tell by EJ Noyes

Ask, Tell by E.J. Noyes highlights the inner struggles of a woman’s heart caught in the crossfire of love and duty. This is Noyes’ debut novel, and she is fast becoming a favorite on my book shelf. Captain Sabine Fleischer is a skilled and dedicated U.S. Army surgeon deployed in Afghanistan. She is also one of the thousands of troops who is forced to serve in silence because of the

Angel Fire by Gerri Hill

Angel Fire by Gerri Hill Is the perfect audiobook. The story is captivating, the narration is spot on and the excitement was just about too much for me to handle. But before I get ahead of myself let me tell you what the story is about. Tori Hunter and Sam Kennedy are on vacation with their friends in an attempt to destress from their jobs in law enforcement. They have

No More Pretending by Bette Hawkins: Book Review

No More Pretending by Bette Hawkins is an entertaining and charming contemporary romance that tells the story of outgoing, confident, and straight film actress Lauren Langham and small town diner waitress Harper Ward. But in this nicely-written debut novel, things aren’t always as they appear on the surface. Lauren has come to the quaint little town in Texas to shoot her current movie, another in a long string of romantic

Like a Book by Bette Hawkins

Like a Book by Bette Hawkins is a contemporary lesbian romance about figuring out what you want from life after a long period of letting someone else call the shots. Trish Carter is still figuring out her new normal. After eight years of building a life together, her girlfriend had ended their relationship, saying that she didn’t love Trish anymore. Now Trish is slowly changing the things she doesn’t like

A Proper Cuppa Tea by KG MacGregor

A Proper Cuppa Tea by KG MacGregor is a delightful romantic story about learning from your mistakes and thriving in the face of adversity. It is also a story about opening your heart to love, exploring new possibilities and making peace with your past. The path to true love does not always run smoothly and Channing Hughes can wholeheartedly agree, especially after a doomed office romance runs its course and

The Neighbor by Gerri Hill: Book Review

The Neighbor by Gerri Hill tackles one of my all-time favorite themes of unexpected love. I have always been a sucker for these types of stories, and Hill has proven to be a master of it. In her current interpretation, Hill shows us that love truly can show up in your own backyard. Laura Fry is supposed to be a successful writer living in Dallas. Instead, she’s had to move

Heartsick by Tracey Richardson

Heartsick by Tracey Richardson is the story about finding love when you are broken by the woman in your life. Angie Cullen is a paramedic and former soldier. One night she receives a call to go to a car crash. There she discovers her long time partner in a car wreck. The thing is, she doesn’t recognise the car nor does she know who the other woman in the car

Gold by EJ Noyes

Gold by EJ Noyes gives us an insight on how the road to recovery is not only about rediscovering who you are but what you desire. Pro alpine skier Aspen Archer was on top of the world. That is, until a career-ending crash at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics threw her off the mountain, literally and figuratively. Since then, Aspen has done her best to pick up her broken body and

10 Best Tennis Novels

These are Sarah’s 10 Best Tennis Novels. 1 Love Match by Ali Vali Publisher: Bold Strokes Books Also available on Audible Synopsis Parker “Kong” King is the number one tennis player in the world with a real talent for getting women in her bed. To prepare herself for the one title she’s never won—and avoid the press and her ex—she retreats to a secluded home in Press Cove, Alabama. There

The Wombat Strategy by Claire McNab: Book Review

The Wombat Strategy by Claire McNab is the first book in the Kylie Kendall Mystery Series.  Kylie Kendall has spent the majority of her life in the small town of Wollegudgerie in Australia. Her life took a dramatic turn for the better (or maybe the worst) when her estranged father dies and leaves her with fifty-one percent of the Kendall and Creeling detective agency in Los Angeles. Everything about Los