Angel Fire by Gerri Hill

Angel Fire by Gerri Hill Is the perfect audiobook. The story is captivating, the narration is spot on and the excitement was just about too much for me to handle. But before I get ahead of myself let me tell you what the story is about. Tori Hunter and Sam Kennedy are on vacation with their friends in an attempt to destress from their jobs in law enforcement. They have

The Neighbor by Gerri Hill: Book Review

The Neighbor by Gerri Hill tackles one of my all-time favorite themes of unexpected love. I have always been a sucker for these types of stories, and Hill has proven to be a master of it. In her current interpretation, Hill shows us that love truly can show up in your own backyard. Laura Fry is supposed to be a successful writer living in Dallas. Instead, she’s had to move

Beowulf For Cretins by Ann McMan

Beowulf for Cretins by Ann McMan is a lovely, hilarious lesbian romance. Anyone who’s read “Falling From Grace” in McMan’s short story collection Sidecar will be familiar with the beginning of this book. Whether you’ve read that or not, though, you’ll be sure to enjoy Beowulf for Cretins—especially if you’re a romance fan. Grace Warner is a college professor in the St. Albans, Vermont who’s been working away at her

The Locket by Gerri Hill: Audiobook Review

The Locket by Gerri Hill is a fantastic thriller with just enough romance to keep the lesbian audience happy. Harper is so invested in her job that she wouldn’t know a celebrity if she was run over by one. So, when she is roped into being the babysitter for a Hollywood starlet she is unhappy. Her partner raves about the beautiful woman she gets to spend time with, yet all

The Secret Pond by Gerri Hill

The Secret Pond by Gerri Hill is a story about overcoming grief. It is also a story of self-discovery, acceptance, renewal and what makes a family. After the loss of her family, Lindsey McDermott feels as though her life is tumbling down around her. She leaves a promising career, gets an adorable, furry companion and shuts herself away from friends and acquaintances in her grandparents’ beloved home in Utopia, Texas.

10 Best Audiobooks of 2017

Tara and I joined forces to do this 10 Best Audiobooks of 2017 list. We thought it fitting since audiobooks are not only becoming more popular in lesbian fiction but they are also becoming better. Audiobooks are tricky to produce because there are more factors than just a good story. You have to have a good narrator who keeps you interested in a story and your production quality has to

Chasing a Brighter Blue by Gerri Hill

Chasing A Brighter Blue by Gerri Hill is a lovely Christmas romance that takes place at a resort in Colorado. Shelby Sutton hasn’t dated in a while, not trusting that a woman would be interested in her and not her family’s money. She works hard for the family business, helping her father run their chain of luxury resorts, and the last thing she needs is to spend two weeks at

Devils Rock by Gerri Hill

Devils Rock by Gerri Hill is the kind of audiobook that makes me love Gerri Hill’s cop stories all over again. Deputy Andrea Sullivan left Los Angeles behind to settle in the picturesque town of Sedona. When she discovers the body of a woman dumped in the desert she is pulled unwittingly into the middle of a time-sensitive case to catch a serial killer before he moves to a new

The Roundabout by Gerri Hill

The Roundabout by Gerri Hill is a delightful enemies to lovers story. Add a great narrator and a sprinkle of small town charm and you get this audiobook. Megan Phenix owns the local bar and grill in the gay-friendly Eureka Springs. The local lesbians call her hard to get and trying to date her has become somewhat of a local past time. She is desperate to shake these persistent admirers.

A Girl Called London by Clare Lydon: Audiobook Review

A Girl Called London by Clare Lydon is the latest in the London franchise, following on from London Calling and This London Love. In this book Sophie London keeps running into (quite literally) a beautiful but rude woman who turns out to be her new upstairs neighbour, Tanya Grant. With a new job, and a messy family life that she is trying to navigate, Tanya is preoccupied and not herself