Survivors by K’Anne MeinelSurvivors by K’Anne Meinel is a story about surviving and thriving during a volatile, life-altering and unforeseen circumstance.

Everyone had a theory about how the world would end. Some people believed the world would end because of climate change and others believed that weapons of mass destruction would be the downfall of the human race. But no one could have envisioned the horrific tragedies high death tolls or the irreparable damage that could be done when the United States of America gets caught up in a war with the Middle East. Several bombs were dropped on major cities in the United States of America and only a few people were able to get out of these cities in time to take refuge in the remote countryside villages.

There is a small group of people who would be able to weather the hard times and show their resilient nature. These are the people known as survivors.

Jodi is a member of this special group because she is observant and has friends who supply her with valuable information. She owns a cabin in a remote and peaceful countryside village. She warned her loved ones about the impending disaster and pleaded with them to leave the cities and lay low at the cabin.  

Krista is everything to Jodi; she is Jodi’s biggest supporter, confidant and life partner. Krista accepts Jodi’s quirky traits and her need to buy things that she never thought they would use but she soon discovers that Jodi’s stockpiling has saved their entire family. Things are never as they seem and everything is a lot worse than Jodi and Krista could have ever imagined.

Life as they once knew it would never be the same, would Jodi, Krista and their children be able to flourish and survive during the precarious and war-torn years? 

The Characters

Jodi is a prominent journalist and she is known for her single minded focus and her perceptive nature. I just love Jodi’s big heart because everything she does echoes the love she has for her wife and their children. She is handy with tools and uses her knowledge and everything she owns in order to make the harsh circumstances bearable for everyone. Jodi possesses so many loveable qualities and I must say that her generous, kind-heated, feisty and astute nature endeared her to me.

Krista is a stock broker and she is a numerical wizard with a tender heart. She will go out of her way to help others and she always puts her children’s happiness before her own. This amazing woman is also a quick learner and she readily adapts to the terrifying circumstances that come her way. Krista is such a supportive, nurturing and open-minded person and I couldn’t help but love her for the tender and resilient traits she exhibits.

The Writing Style

I just love the way the author portrayed each character’s emotions, their personalities and their faults. I adore the vivid descriptions of the Wisconsin landscape and the connection these wonderful people have with the land and the animals under their care.

The Pros

I really enjoyed learning about the ways I could survive without the many conveniences I usually take for granted. This story really opened my eyes about how much I have come to depend on technology.

The Cons

There’s nothing about this story that I did not love.

aprils favourite booksThe Conclusion

This story will make you get comfortable for a while and then you will suddenly find yourself gripping your kindle as you begin to wonder what on earth is going to happen next! I can attest to the fact that I was having a one-sided argument with my kindle late at night while I was caught up in Jodi and Krista’s world (I can assure you that I am completely sane… Or am I?) I really didn’t want to stop reading even though my eyes were drooping because I wanted to know what would happen to these dear characters that I have come to love and respect.

Excerpt from Survivors by K’Anne Meinel

“The American navy has been increasing its presence in the Gulf for a while now. Troops are being activated all over Europe. England, France, and Germany are all on high alert, and their troops are all very active.”

Jodi had known this was possible, had seen it time and again, but she, like many people, hoped that cooler minds would prevail. But the Iranians were a loose cannon, and she didn’t believe it this time. They had drawn a line in the sand, she smiled inwardly at the pun, and they were daring the free world to cross it. They would cross it. They couldn’t allow the Iranians to dictate the world’s actions. What Americans didn’t realize was, a lot of the world’s people felt Americans dictated to them all the time. They only saw their own small corner of things. She sighed. “You couldn’t have called?”

He laughed as though she had told a joke, and she grinned. Phones were monitored or tapped all the time. Jodi knew that because she had been targeted time and again. Allen wouldn’t have trusted the phone even if he were assured by the uppermost person in the Pentagon that it was safe. He was more paranoid than anyone Jodi knew. “If you get the code, don’t waste time,” he said.

“How long do you think I would have?” she asked, hopefully.

“I’ll try to get you as much time as possible, but don’t you think it’s time for a family visit?” he said cryptically.

She paled at his question. “So soon?” she asked, and at his nod she nodded once in response and grasped his arm. “Thanks,” she said.

He nodded as he patted her hand and said, “Save a spot for me and mine?”

“Absolutely,” she replied without hesitation as she shook his hand goodbye.

She stared after him as he made his way out the side door. She went inside and found Krista standing just inside the garage door in the kitchen. “Did you hear all that?” she asked, but she knew from the expression on Krista’s pale face that she had. Even if she hadn’t understood the whole cryptic conversation, she knew that man wouldn’t have come to Jodi’s home to give her information unless it was vitally important.

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