TLR Champions

These are our amazing Patrons who support us on Patreon and as a big thank you, we are going to put your name in lights – or at least on this page – so that you can support them too.

May Dawney

Trans Fur Productions (Nyssa) 

Cecilia Richardson

Julie H Chrystal

Heather Rose Jones 


Meredith Santiago

Holly Pitcher

Natalie Miller-Snell

Tasha Johnson

Kyle Schroeder

Marcella Fredriksson


Michelle Blakey 

Cindy T Rizzo

Michele Howel

Samantha Brown

Ivy Quinn 

Karen Reno-Cobb

Pene Henson

Ro Fetterman

Alicia Stratton

K Aten

Genevieve Fortin

Jeannie Levig

Kathleen Willett


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