Summers Cove by Aurora ReySummer’s Cove by Aurora Rey is set in Provincetown and is a sort of follow on to Winter’s Harbor in that the main characters from Winter’s Harbor make an appearance as side characters in this book. Even so, this one is a complete stand alone, so pick it up even if you haven’t read the other.

Emerson is an artist with a nerdy science loving side. She spends her days photographing people and painting them. When she is asked to take photos as a wedding she happily agrees. At the event she meets Darcy and there is definitely an attraction between the women but Darcy is a single mom to an adorable son named Liam and not really looking for romance. She has a decent job that gives her time enough to spend with her son and life is pretty good.

Emerson pursues Darcy and they are definitely compatible but when Emerson meets Liam, and befriends the boy, it throws Darcy’s carefully planned world into turmoil. She doesn’t want Liam to get too close to Emerson in case he is left broken hearted.

Emerson is determined to show Darcy that she isn’t in this relationship just for a fling but Darcy is weary. Will she be able to put her fears aside for long enough to let Emerson in?

The Characters

Liam stole my heart. He is a cute little book nerd who loves learning and has an artistic side. I adored how we got to know him through his relationship with his mother and Emerson.

Emerson was a sweetheart and her gentle, constant presence played well off of Darcy’s rule setting and rigid personality.

I enjoyed all of the characters in the book and could easily distinguish between them.

The Writing Style

Aurora Rey did a great job with this novel. Her characters were fresh, not the typical femme/butch pairing but a unique spin on that trope. The characters grew and changed as they learned to be together which I appreciated and I loved the fact that Rey included a realistic single mom with such a cool kid.

I also appreciated the nod to Radclyffe’s Provincetown books.

The Narration

Hollis Elizabeth was the narrator and when I first listened to the book I thought the narration was fine. When I re-listened to the book I enjoyed it even more.

The Pros

I enjoyed how unexpected the storyline was. Rey didn’t stick to the normal types of misunderstandings or drama inducing romance themes. The story felt fresh and realistic.

Liam was a gem. He was the cutest little boy and he made my ovaries skip a beat. I liked how it wasn’t always sunshine and roses, though, there were moments of him being a true kid and bending the rules.

The Cons


The Conclusion

This is a charming, light romance. If you want a fun summer read then this is it. I also recommend the audiobook because it is the kind of story you can get lost in as you listen.

Excerpt from Summer’s Cove by Aurora Rey

Darcy seemed mildly exasperated and Emerson realized she needed to switch tactics if she wanted to get on her good side. “Wait, does that mean you’re responsible for the macaroni and cheese of the day?” Darcy smiled.

“It does.”

“I think you’re responsible for me gaining at least five pounds, then.”

Darcy looked her up and down—for the second time since their meeting a few minutes prior. “You don’t look any worse for wear.”

The comment sounded like a compliment, but Emerson wasn’t sure. “Well, since you must know both brides personally, I’m doubly glad I snuck in to take pictures.”

“Right. I’ll let you get to it.”

“I’d love to get a couple of you, too, if you don’t mind.”

Darcy’s smile turned into a playful smirk. “If you insist.”

Emerson couldn’t decide if Darcy had a playful personality or if she was flirting, but she spent the next couple of minutes posing and staging things for Emerson to photograph. Emerson hoped it was the latter. But when the timer for the oven went off, Darcy went back to all business. She didn’t literally shoo Emerson away, but it came through loud and clear that she was done.

Emerson thanked her and returned to the reception. She resumed working the room, keeping one eye on the kitchen. Darcy emerged a couple of times, seemingly to make sure everything was under control and to chat with a few of the guests. Both times, Emerson tried to make her way across the room to talk with her. Both times, however, someone grabbed her attention and Darcy disappeared before she could extricate herself.

When Alex and Lia cut the cake an hour later, Darcy appeared again. Emerson captured the ceremonial first bite, the kiss that followed. She watched as Darcy moved the cake to a rolling cart, then followed her back into the kitchen.

“Back again?” Darcy asked with a playful smile.

“Couldn’t resist.”

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A Cape End Romance

Winter’s Harbor

Summer’s Cove

Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 9781626399716
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
  • Audiobook Publisher: Bold Strokes Books Inc
  • Narrator: Hollis Elizabeth

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