Storms by Gerri HillThe main character in Storms by Gerri Hill is Carson Cartwright.

Carson comes from a family of ranchers. She is estranged from her family and vowed to never again set foot on the family ranch in Montana. One day she gets a phone call from her brother with news that her father is on his death bed. She decides to go home and say goodbye to him.

Kerry Elder is hired by the Cartwright bothers as a consultant to help them save their dying ranch. She makes the trip to Montana around the same time as Carson does.

The two of them meet and there is an immediate attraction. Kerry fights the attraction, trying to keep things professional and Carson is dealing with unresolved feelings towards her father and doesn’t want the complication that Kerry brings into her life.

Hill created a great set of characters and a compelling story line that makes for an interesting read.

The Characters

All the characters are well written and it is easy to remember who each one is. They each have clear motivations and you are not left wondering why someone is in the book.

The Writing Style

Hill writes well, the story keeps flowing and is compelling enough to keep me reading. The characters are fun and I kind of fell in love with the farm. It made me want a ranch in Montana.

The Pros

Storms by Gerri Hill is a great book all round go out and get yourself a copy.

The Cons

There isn’t a sequel.

sheenas favouriteThe Conclusion

Go get it. Right now. You know you want to.

Excerpt from Storms by Gerri Hill

“Well, well. She returns,” Cody said. “I guess I owe Colt twenty bucks.”

A charming smile flashed across the woman’s face. “I see you’re still losing bets on my account,” she said. “Haven’t you learned yet?”

Chase stepped forward. “Kerry, this is our sister, Carson. Car, Kerry Elder. She’s the consultant I was telling you about.”

When Carson turned those hazel eyes on her, Kerry felt an odd familiarity, almost as if she already knew the woman. She returned her smile easily.

“Nice to meet you,” she said politely, taking Carson’s offered hand. The other woman met her eyes, holding her hand tight for a long moment. Longer, certainly, than was necessary.

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Book Details:

ISBN number: 9781594932496

Publisher: Bella Books


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