georgia beers starting from scratchStarting From Scratch by Georgia Beers is my favourite of her novels. So when I got the opportunity to listen to the audio book, I grabbed it with both hands.

It is the story of Avery and Elena. Elena is a mother and Avery is not. Not only that but Avery is not sure she wants the responsibility for looking after a child and Elena is not sure she wants to expose her child to possible heartbreak if things go wrong in their relationship.

Through a series of events the two women will fall in love and Avery realises that being part of a child’s life is a special gift and it can be a lot of fun.

The title of this novel is also delightfully appropriate because baking has always been a part of Avery’s life and it becomes an integral part of the story. Plus it is an awesome metaphor.

The Pros

This is a sweet romance. It is a gentle story with enough drama to keep it entertaining and moving forward. There are also a number of well thought out touches that make it adorable.

There is a dog that every puppy mommy will appreciate and a kid that makes the womb give a little shudder (in a good way).

The Cons

As much as I love Beers, I was disappointed by the narration. It lacked the flow I need to get drawn into the story. Having said that, I did enjoy the fact that I got to hear the woman who wrote the story reading it. That will always be something special.


It is worth a listen. The story is fantastic and some people love the narration, others don’t love it so much. So listen to the sample and if enjoy then get the audio book.

Excerpt from Starting From Scratch by Georgia Beers

“I want to speak to your manager. Now.”

Uh-oh. I glanced toward the counter at the panic-stricken expression on the face of the young bank teller. Those were never happy words. The poor kid couldn’t have been more than twenty-one and his forehead was already shining with sweat.

“Certainly, sir,” he said, and his voice cracked like Shaggy’s in the Scooby-Doo cartoons. “I’ll be right back.”

The man who’d uttered the fateful phrase was older – maybe sixty five – and judging by the way he tossed his checkbook to the counter and signed loudly, he was not pleased by having to resort to going over the kid’s head. Or he was just a jerk. I wasn’t sure which, so I took an exorbitant amount of time filling out my deposit slip at the little rectangular desk in the middle of the lobby in order to find out. My stalling tactics paid off, because a minute later, she walled by. Elena Walker, branch manager, stunningly attractive specimen of the human female, and woman of my dreams…or at least my fantasies. I only knew her name from the nameplate mounted next to the door to her office, which I passed during each visit.

I was always surprised that she didn’t move in slow motion with a mysterious breeze blowing her hair in some sexy-chick fashion, she was that beautiful. Tall a good three or four inches taller than me – with dark, silky hair cut just above her shoulders and styled in the sort of hip, flippy look that I believe only professional hairdressers know how to create. Olive-toned skin that looked tan all year round and caused me to speculate on her ethnicity (Latina? Italian? Greek?). Today’s business suit was nay. Simple. Elegant. Sexy. The raspberry blouse beneath the jacket gave the outfit a fun splash of color making up for any stuffiness the simple style of the skirt might conjure. Of course, stuffiness was the last thing that came to mind when you got a look at her legs. Long, shapely, strong. I wondered absently if I was drooling on myself, though I didn’t care enough to stop staring.

Rather than go around the counter, she walked right up next to Mr. Irate Customer, introduced herself, and shook his hand with a smile. All I had to do was see a teeny, tiny glimpse of his face to know he was immediately smitten with her.

“Hey, get in line, buddy,” I muttered softly and with a grin.

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ISBN: 978-0979925467

Publisher: Brisk Press

Audio Book Producer: Dog Ear Audio

Narrated by: Georgia Beers

Note: I received a free copy of the Starting From Scratch by Georgia Beers audio book for review. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always endeavour to review books as honestly as possible and on occasion I refuse to review books.

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