The Sovereign Of Psiere by K AtenThe Sovereign Of Psiere by K. Aten is the first book in the Mystery of the Makers Series.

Psiere is a world unlike any other. It is a world where old ideas give birth to new technological advances. Nobody knows who the Makers are but they built huge pyramids that contain coded texts and puzzles for the Psierians to decipher. The Psierians are a psychic race of people who are still in the process of exploring the uncharted continents of their planet. They are searching for more ways to modernize their technology but they still have to contend with the hostile sea people in order to travel to distant places. The Queen wants every Psierian to have a better quality of life but her daughter, Connate Olivienne Dracore has her heart set on solving the Divine Mystery.

Connate Olivienne Dracore is a historical adventurist and she wants answers to the questions that have always plagued her. Who created the Psierian people? Who are the Makers? Why did the Makers hide their knowledge and technology from the Psierians by using coded documents? Most importantly, where did the Makers go? Unfortunately for Olivienne, she is the heir and she must be protected at all times, therefore, she has to travel with a security unit and she despises their presence in her life. Olivienne does everything in her power to make sure that every captain who has ever lead her security unit would embrace retirement, ask to be reassigned or leave the service because they have been severely injured while trying to keep her safe.

When Lieutenant Commander Castellan Tosh comes along, she is the answer to the Shield Unit’s problem of finding someone who would be able to keep up with the daredevil they are tasked with protecting. Castellan is honorable, professional and swoon worthy. She has been chosen to protect the Connate and she intends to keep her safe and raise the morale of the entire Shield Corp. A sizzling attraction brews between Olivienne and Castellan from the first moment and it only gets stronger with each passing day as they get closer to the answers they desperately seek.

Will Olivienne and Castellan be able to solve the Divine Mystery or will they perish in their pursuit of knowledge?

The Characters

April: Royal Sovereign Connate Olivienne Dracore is the heir to the throne of Psiere. She is passionate about her role as a historical adventurist and she is dead set on finding the answers to all of the questions Psierians have been asking for decades. At first, I really wasn’t a huge fan of Olivienne because she came across as a very selfish and spoiled royal but my opinion of her took a three hundred and sixty degree turn when she began to portray her fun-loving, tender-hearted and totally badass personality.

Michelle: I like to fancy myself a bit of an adventurist and so I was immediately drawn to the extreme, thrill seeking Connate Dracore. I am entirely enamoured with her burning curiosity to discover, her quest for adventure and her desire to help her people. However, I do agree with April regarding some of her less than appealing qualities. She is initially selfish in her rebelliousness and her reckless behaviour endangers those pledged to protect her with their lives. However, these flaws make her arc that much more satisfying as maturity, perspective and Castellan combine to temper these traits.

April: Lieutenant Commander Castellan Tosh is in charge of the Shield Corp team that is responsible for protecting Connate Olivienne Dracore. Castellan will do anything to protect the people who are under her care and she has a one track mind when it comes to her career. I love everything about Castellan! What you see is what you’ll get with her because she doesn’t have a pretentious bone in her body. She is the butch goddess that has always haunted my dreams. A girl can dream, right? I wish I was in Olivienne’s place because I would love to wander the world and search for the answers to the Divine Mystery with a wonderful person like Castellan beside me.

Michelle: Ah yes… Lieutenant Commander Castellan Tosh; honourable, brave and heroic with the respect for order and regulation that is bred from a military career. Not only is she incredibly strong both physically and psychically, she is also incredibly intelligent and compassionate. She shares the same lust for adventure and compassion for her people as Olivienne but has no time for carelessness and bravado. I definitely respect these traits as well, but I won’t step on your toes April!

The Writing Style

April: K. Aten blew my mind with the way she created the language and the world of Psiere! I couldn’t get enough of her detailed and flawless writing because I was reluctant to stop devouring this story and I read everywhere I could. I snuck a read at work by propping my kindle up against my CPU, in an endless teller line at the bank and even in the taxi on my way home. I just love the way this superb author portrayed the undeniable chemistry between Castellan and Olivienne because I felt as though I was right there watching the two headstrong and beguiling women fall in love.

Michelle: This is a rip-roaringly fast-paced novel grabbing you from one breathless adventure and thrusting you into the next as Castellan and Olivienne seek to unravel the mystery of the Makers. Their quest sees them battling creatures from land, sea and air, in an incredibly well fleshed out world with a distinct and thoroughly realized structure, history and geography (complete with a beautifully detailed map). And, while the world building is phenomenal, the characterization keeps pace as Aten perfectly develops the arcs of Castellan and Olivienne and stokes the searing flames of their relationship.

The Pros

April: How often does a nerdy accountant get to leave her desk and her never-ending excel spreadsheet to go off on a wild adventure with two gorgeous women who are compelled to solve the biggest mystery of all time? Well, I’m not one to brag but I certainly did! This story spiced up my monotonous days at the office because I have a thing for women in uniform and Castellan Tosh stole my heart from the first moment she was mentioned.

Michelle: Here, here April! This book will cast away any monotony you may be experiencing. Who doesn’t love unravelling a great mystery? The quest is not only full of adventure, but there are so many great mysteries to solve. The book is full of ancient cryptographs detailing engineering advancements or containing clues regarding whereabouts of the keys and the third temple. There are also puzzles that need to be solved to in order to acquire each key from its resting place. And then there is the greatest mystery of all, that of the Makers and Psierian origins. The combination of adventure and puzzle solving had me entirely rapt throughout the book.

The Cons

April: My book dragon and I want to go back to Psiere right now! Bring on the sequel! April watches her calendar and taps foot.

Michelle: I’ll just stand here and tap my foot alongside April…

aprils favourite booksMichelle's Favourite BooksThe Conclusion

April: If you love unpredictable stories that contain flawed and unforgettable characters, then you’ve gotta read this book! I can certainly say that you’ll never be bored because this story contains a healthy dose of humorous wordplay between Olivienne and Castellan. It also has enough action and adventure to keep you bright eyed all night long and it will have you arguing with your kindle each time the characters allow their ego or their pride to get in the way of what they truly desire.

Michelle: Exactly what April said! The mystery and action are truly exhilarating, and the romance is scorching. This book will simultaneously stimulate your mind, body and soul. Definitely a must read.

Excerpt from The Sovereign Of Psiere by K. Aten

“What the…” Olivienne’s head popped out of the door and stared down at the other two women. “Doctore Shen? I had no idea that was you Savon was going on about!” The Connate left her cabin and walked toward Castellan and Gemeda.

The medican gave her a sardonic grin. “Clearly. Do you always leap to assumptions so?”

The Connate grinned back. “Do you always pick up handsome soldiers on the railer?”

A noise something like a pained growl came from Castellan’s throat. “I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t speak about me as if I weren’t here.”

“And I would appreciate it if you would keep your assumptions to yourself in the future!”

Dre. Shen looked back and forth between the two women and sensed some deeper strife beyond the meeting of the past few meens. She turned to her long-time friend. “What have you done now, Tosh?”

“It wasn’t me! The almighty Royal Sovereign Connate Dracore kept the entire railer waiting because she couldn’t be bothered to be here on time!”

Blood rushed to Olivienne’s face as anger began to rise. “How dare you speak about matters you know nothing of! There was a very valid excuse as to why we were late to the platform!”

The good medican sensed something building that was going to lead to no good, and the Connate’s guardians clearly had no clue what to do with the arguing pair. Both women were above the men’s pay grade. She tried to interject. “Ladies…”

Castellan snorted. “Oh yes, I’m sure there was. Not used to getting up before nine hundred are we?”

Gemeda tried again with no effect. “Ladies…”

“For your information, Lieutenant Commander Tosh, we were late because the Queen requested a number of secured cases be removed from the Temple of Illeos to be brought back to the Temple of Archeos. We were nearly to the railer platform when we got the missive and had to turn back. I will be sure to let my mother know that we inconvenienced your travel plans when I return!” Olivienne’s last few words ended in a shout, which caused all the guardians and the medican to step back. The only one that held her ground in the face of the Connate’s anger and threat was Castellan.

It was in that moment, as she took in the flushed face and heaving chest of the angry sovereign, that Castellan Tosh was struck by the strangest wave of attraction. Castellan wanted to shake Olivienne Dracore, to push the woman against the wall of the railer until she could make her see reason. It was an odd urge and it made her pause. She normally liked her acquaintances a bit less bold, and quieter for sure. Connate Dracore was neither of those things, squared. But despite all that, and despite the fact that the stubborn sovereign had infuriated her to no end, Castellan had the suicidal urge to move closer to the irate woman. But she didn’t. Typically, being one of level head and sound mind, the Lt. Commander could see that she herself was in the wrong.

While Olivienne Dracore may have made an assumption about the nature of her guest, Castellan made the first assumption before the sovereign had even boarded the railer. She was at fault first. In a move that startled all parties present, Lt. Commander Tosh took a step back from Olivienne and saluted her then moved into a low bow. It was a symbol of deepest respect, or apology. “Please forgive me, Connate Dracore. You are correct in that I made assumptions about you this morning, and I said things that were both inappropriate and unjust. You have my sincerest apology. As for Doctore Gemeda Shen, she is a long-time friend who has a busy schedule tomorrow so I was going to let her use my cabin to rest on our way to Gomen.”

Olivienne looked at the medican and Gemeda nodded her head. “It is true; I did come here to rest.” She got a twinkle in her eye and added a little more because she knew it would embarrass the good Lt. Commander. “Though only after she shot down my attempts at seduction.”

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Mystery of the Makers Series

The Sovereign Of Psiere

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