Soul Mates by KA MollSoul Mates by KA Moll is a novel about working through baggage and learning to let your soul mate in.

Zane is a Pastor. She has dedicated her life to helping others and to being a pillar of the community. But behind the wisdom and kind words lies a lonely, terrified woman. She is unable to have a sexual relationship with anyone and believes that she will never be able to. Being brutally raped as a teenager has left her physically and emotionally damaged.

Jaina seeks the sexual gratification that comes from one night stands as long as those women do not reciprocate. Abandoned as a child into the foster care system, Jaina feels unwanted and angry. She has a need to understand why her mother dropped her off one day and told her that she was unwanted.

Jaina’s search for answers leads her to Zane’s church where the two are drawn together by something bigger than them.

The question, though, is will they be able to work through their baggage and learn to trust and love.

The Characters

Apart from the two main characters, who I really enjoyed, the book has a cast of delightful side characters and even an unexpected romance towards the end.

I particularly enjoyed Miss Bonnie, Jaina’s foster mother and Zane’s mother. Both characters were well placed in the story. Miss Bonnie provided a good sounding board for Jaina and Zane’s mother had a lovely story arc.

Zane also had a best friend who was really fun and I would love Moll to dedicate a book to how she and her movie star wife met.

The Writing Style

Moll writes very matter of factly about sexual abuse, rape and other particularly horrific incidents. I believe this is because of her history as a social worker. When you deal with the horrors of humanity for years you are bound to grow less squeamish about it.

She also, though, writes about how women can overcome these atrocities by working through it rather than letting it fester.

I will admit that reading her work does push boundaries for me. I do not like reading about such real and horrible things. However, I like that she deals with them in a matter of fact way instead of harping on the horror of it all. I also like that her characters work through it in a manner where they can live better lives rather than be cured forever magically. It is more realistic and well thought out.

The Pros

I really enjoyed this book. It was more real life and less Hollywood than most of the books I read and was a nice change of pace.

Moll developed a lovely set of characters that I wouldn’t mind seeing again in the future. Zane and Jaina make a brief, guest appearance in Coming To Terms which is completely awesome.

The Cons

I would have liked to see Jaina’s brother’s character arc more. It sort of happened in the background which isn’t terrible since he was a very small character but it would have been interesting to see more.

The Conclusion

I enjoyed this book. If you want a story that is both well thought out, gently written and yet powerful enough to make you uncomfortable at points then give this a try. It was a good read, very unlike anything else out there.

If Moll keeps up this level of storytelling, she will quickly carve a niche for herself as providing books that no one else dare write.

Excerpt from Soul Mates by KA Moll

“Good morning,” Zane said as she extended her hand. “It’s good to meet you in person.”

Jaina’s attention wasn’t on their conversation. It was on the pastor’s swagger and on the most intense blue eyes she’d ever seen.

Zane tipped her head and raised an eyebrow. “Ms. Wakefield?”

Jaina startled to attention. “Oh…sorry,” she said with a nervous chuckle. “My concentration wandered off there for a moment…yeah, it’s good to meet you too.”

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