Something in the Wine by JaeSomething in the Wine by Jae was rereleased in a second, revised edition in 2016, including the sweet and sexy follow-up short story “Seduction for Beginners.”

Annie Prideaux is used to being the butt of her brother’s jokes, but this time he’s gone too far. When he sets her up on a blind date with his friend Drew, he neglects to tell her that Drew is a woman—or to tell Drew that Annie is straight. Both women are tired of his antics and agree that it’s high time to pull one over on Jake. How better than to make him think they’re in love?

The more time they spend together planning the perfect revenge, the more the women get to know each other and become friends. Drew is the perfect gentlewoman despite her attraction to Annie, and for the first time in her life Annie wonders if she could possibly be attracted to another woman. Are they really just friends, or could this pretend romance be more real than either woman realizes?

The Characters

Annie is quiet, serious, and very good at her job as an accountant. With a brother who doesn’t take anything seriously, an artist for a mother, and a musician for a father, she’s often the odd one out in her family. Drew is the first person to really try to get to know Annie, to see further than the front she puts on for the world, and Annie blossoms under her attention and their friendship.

Drew is a reformed player. While she used to enjoy going from woman to woman, she’s ready to settle down, especially now that her parents are gone. She runs the vineyard and winery that they built up, and moving forward with her life now that the grief from their loss is more manageable. She’s so wonderful and patient with Annie, a perfect friend and partner as she eventually figures out her sexuality.

The Writing Style

Something in the Wine is a very sweet book. The romance is slow to build, with the foundation for the friendship laid carefully first. It’s easy to believe in Drew and Annie’s happily ever after because their relationship feels very real.

The Pros

Annie’s arc and Drew’s patience with her are probably my favourite parts of this book. Also the vineyard. I want to go to California now.

The Cons

I felt like they hung on to the revenge thing a little too long. I get why, but it broke my heart for Drew and I love her and only want good things for her.

The Conclusion

If you want a really sweet, well-written contemporary lesbian romance, check out Something in the Wine. It’s a lovely way to pass a weekend.

Excerpt from Something in the Wine by Jae

“Any other advice for the phone call with Jake?”

“Don’t try to convince him you have fallen in love with me tonight,” Drew said.

Annie frowned. “I thought that was the plan. To make him believe I fell in love with you?”

“Yeah, but not so fast,” Drew said. “I have a feeling you’re not someone who falls in love at the drop of a hat.”

Annie’s lips compressed into a tight line. “No, I’m not.”

“Hey, nothing wrong with that.” When Annie looked down, Drew realized she was touching Annie’s forearm. She pulled her hand back. “We just need to wait a few weeks until we tell Jake we’re ready to rent a U-Haul and adopt a Golden Retriever together.”

“Cat,” Annie said, a tiny grin lurking at the corner of her mouth. “Jake knows I’m a cat person.”

“Let’s get both. Then when we experience lesbian bed death and split up, you can keep the cat and I’ll keep the dog.”

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  • ISBN number: 9783955337933
  • Publisher: Ylva Publishing

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