Snow Globe by Georgia BeersSnow Globe by Georgia Beers is a wonderful friends to lovers romance. It starts with Mackenzie crying in the bathroom after her girlfriend broke off their wedding less than two weeks before it was scheduled to happen.

Determined not to let her ex destroy her entirely Mackenzie takes her best friend, Allison, on her honeymoon vacation to a LGBT resort in South Florida. What could be better for a healing heart than escaping the icy north in favour of a hot getaway where there are bound to be single lesbians?

Perhaps what Mackenzie needs has been with her all along in the form of the person who knows her best in the world, Allison.

The Characters

Normally, I am not a fan of books with this sort of start because inevitably the main character spends a lot of the time moping about the awful things in her life and it makes me dislike her. Beers, however, managed to take this storyline and balance it with some gorgeous moments, funny (although not at all pc jokes) and a rapport between the characters that makes the book magical.

The Writing Style

This audiobook was so beautifully paced that I felt like each moment held something new to discover. I loved the way Beers pulled me right into the story and gently guided me to the realisation that Allison and Mackenzie belonged together.

The Narration

Sometimes narrators fit the story so well that it feels like it was written just for them. This was one of those instances.

Hollis Elizabeth nailed this narration and the result is an effortless, entertaining and captivating listen.

The Pros

This is one of those audiobooks where everything just fell into place and it was a gorgeous listen.

I loved the sprinkling of hints and small events that showed how the two friends absolutely had to be together it made me feel a little like a romance detective.

The Cons

I am so sad about the cover. I get why they used this pic but don’t think it’s good enough to really do the book justice.

sheena's favouriteThe Conclusion

When you want a romance that will sweep you off your feet, or if you love the friends discovering they really have feelings for one another trope, or if you want a good audiobook then get this one.

It is so sweet and so wonderful that it made my heart ache with delight. Beers is a master and Hollis matched her talent making a potent combination and a gorgeous audiobook.

SPOILER: If you love the airport scene at the end of romantic stories then this one has it and I got so excited by it I wanted to squee!

Excerpt from Snow Globe by Georgia Beers

I’m still standing in the middle of the room, and it’s weird because I’m not really sure how to feel. It’s a gorgeous room. Stunningly gorgeous, and I’m proud of myself for picking such a fantastic place for my honeymoon. But I’m not on my honeymoon, and that’s something I think I’m still absorbing.

I don’t notice Allison getting out of the tub, but suddenly she’s behind me and has wrapped her arms around my middle. She sets her chin on my shoulder, and when she talks, I can feel her breath in my ear.

“It’s okay, Mackenzie,” she says, her voice quiet. “You’re going to be fine. We’re going to have a great time here, just you and me, and we’re going to make sure of it.” Coming around in front of me, she grabs my hands, and her face lights up in a wide smile. “I mean, come on. Look at this place!” She drops my hands and spreads her arms out wide like a circus ringleader. “How can we not have a fabulous time here?” Turning to the counter, she pulls the bottle from the ice bucket. “First things first.” The cork makes a festive pop as she releases it from the bottle and then pours. She hands me a flute, and I’m struck—not for the first time—with the silly thought that champagne is actually rather pretty with its sparkling bubbles.

Allison leads me to the edge of the bed and we both sit. Raising her glass, she says, “To my best friend, Mackenzie. Thank you for bringing me here with you. And to Kim—that bitch,” we say that part together, “you are forever the stupidest woman on the planet.” I can’t help but laugh.

We clink and sip and the champagne is very good.

“I admit,” Allison says after a moment, “I was a little worried about sleeping arrangements, but we won’t be able to find each other in this bed if we tried.”

I laugh in surprise because it hadn’t even occurred to me that there would only be one bed. “Right? It’s like the size of a football field.”

“And that view.”

“I can’t wait to see it after sunset. Hey, maybe we’ll be able to actually see the sunset.”

“That would be cool.”

We’re silent for a while, sipping our champagne and watching the ocean, which I realize is actually the Gulf of Mexico. I mentally shrug, knowing I’ll probably still refer to it as ‘the ocean.’

“What should we do now?” I ask her.

“Isn’t it obvious?” She waggles her eyebrows. “We go to work on those strawberries.”

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 9780989989510
  • Publisher: Brisk Press
  • Audiobook Publisher: Bold Strokes Books Inc
  • Narrator: Hollis Elizabeth

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Note: I received a free review copy of Snow Globe by Georgia Beers. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion I refuse to review books.

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