Sing Me Home by Shannon OBrienSing Me Home by Shannon O’Brien is a new adult romance that takes place in the world of college a capella. It’s super sweet and has the lovely lesbian romance that was missing from the Pitch Perfect movies.

Ellie Gallagher is in her last year of college. Between full time studies, working at a diner, and participating in one of the four a capella groups on campus, to say she’s busy is an understatement. When she partners with Jolene Weiss for a project in her women’s studies class, she suddenly finds herself willing to make extra time just to be around the attractive and interesting fellow senior.

Jolene is in a rival a capella group and she can’t resist Ellie, helping her with her beatboxing and finding her own heart beating faster when they hold hands. Even still, Jolene is on a mission to get the heck out of Jones college and off to her future working on a political campaign. Can their relationship survive their musical rivalry, the end of college, and their first steps into the real world?

The Characters

Jolene and Ellie are so likeable and I sympathized with both of them even while I didn’t agree with certain decisions one of them *cough* Jolene *cough* made. While I don’t think either of them went through sweeping character arcs, we see them grapple with the difficulties of the last year of college and I so enjoyed reading about them falling for each other. The side characters were also really fun, especially Ellie’s boss and Jolene’s best friends.

The Writing Style

Sing Me Home has a really easy writing style to it, making the pages fly quickly. Also, that hand holding scene I referenced above? Was so well done, it had my heart beating a little faster right along with theirs.

The Pros

I liked everything about this book, including that it references a P.K. Page book! What can I say? I haven’t thought of her since I was an English major taking Canadian literature. Shannon O’Brien reactivated the lit nerd part of my brain!

The Cons

This is a spoiler, so skip to the conclusion if you’d rather not know.

Still with me?

Because it’s a romance, some readers may not like it when one of the characters starts seeing someone else while they’re split up.

The Conclusion

If you’re looking for a sweet, low-angst new adult romance, check out Sing Me Home. It’s a lovely read and a great way to pass an afternoon.

Excerpt from Sing Me Home by Shannon O’Brien

“Jolene!” she called, sprinting after the tall woman. She hoped the moment was salvageable. Jolene turned in surprise at the sound of her name. Ellie sank into the soggy grass as she cut across the lawn. A few feet from Jolene, she slowed to catch her breath and push her nerves away.

Ellie was breathless. “I forgot something,” she said.

Jolene’s eyebrow perked up, but before she could ask, Ellie kissed her. Jolene tasted like vanilla, with lips softer than Ellie had imagined. The kiss alone was enough to make her want more.

“How could you forget that?” Jolene teased.

Ellie grinned. “I have no idea. I must be losing my mind.”

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  • ISBN number: 9781594935114
  • Publisher: Bella Books

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Note: I received a free review copy of Sing Me Home by Shannon O’Brien. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion I refuse to review books.

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