Sigil Fire by Erzabet Bishop

Sigil Fire by Erzabet Bishop is a paranormal mystery abounding in murder, intrigue and a revenge that has been thousands of years in the making.

Succubi are being murdered at an alarming rate. The frequency and brutality of the crimes have the resident assortment of vampires, demons and other paranormal creatures on edge. Perry, a vampire and his partner Charlie, a succubus are the lead detectives investigating the homicides. As the bodies pile up, it is clear something particularly ominous is afoot and they are in a race against time to get to the bottom of the mystery before the next victim falls prey to the heinous murderer.

Also hot on the case is Fae, a blood witch and vampire enforcer who has noticed the evil lurking in the shadows of her city and is angry about the infringement on her territory. But when her search to find the murderer leads to a Fallen, nightmares from the past horrifically collide with the present in a millennia old battle between good and evil.

Sonia is a succubus and premier fetish model. Her friends are dying all around her and she could be the next target. Sent to Fae for protection, the two women discover their fate is intertwined. Destiny has a plan for retribution, but Fae and Sonia must reconcile their differences and accept who they are if they are to survive.

The Characters

Fae is a tattoo artist and an interesting combination of blood witch and vampire (swoon!). She is an enforcer, a strong and gritty protector of the paranormal creatures in her city which drew me to her character immediately. She is also a loner. Haunted by dreams of a voluptuous redhead in peril, her heart is inexplicably bound to the mysterious woman and she is unable to form a bond with anyone in real life. But when dreams cross over into reality and the potential for love materializes, you really cheer for her to grasp the opportunity. I found Fae to have a very interesting back story which really adds to the depth of her character as well as provides a lot of information surrounding the world’s magic system. Oh, and I mustn’t forget to mention she has the perfect companion in her dog Jellybean (I love the name!), who just happens to be a hellhound.

Sonia is an extremely successful fetish model. She is also a succubus struggling with the ethics of feeding on the souls of humans, which I thought was an interesting quirk. Many of her friends, including her on again, off again lover, have been violently murdered in the recent attacks on succubi. Fearing she will be next, she runs to Fae for protection. Sonia comes off as somewhat of a flat character initially, but once I learned her back story, everything made sense and I wanted to jump in the battle and fight evil right alongside her! 

The Writing Style

As this is a novella, it is a very fast paced story which held my attention throughout. However, this also meant that there are some details not fully explored. Despite the short length and fast pace, Bishop still manages to incorporate some remarkable twists into the plot and ingeniously intersperses historical events with the present throughout the story. The magic system described is both intricate and interesting and I loved the phenomena surrounding the creation and use of sigils that Bishop explores.

The Pros

If you have ever wondered how steamy sex between a blood witch/vampire and a succubus can be, this book has your answer (hint, it’s pretty darn steamy!).

Also, for all you holiday lovers out there, there is a bonus Christmas story featuring the Fae and Sonia at the end of the novella entitled “First Christmas: A Sigil Fire Story”. Discovering that Sonia has never experienced a proper Christmas party, Fae decides she is going to throw her the most amazing Yule party with all their vampire, succubus and demon friends in attendance.

The Cons

I wanted more! Unfortunately, due to the length of the novella, it leaves a little to be desired in terms of character and plot development. I would have loved to learn more about Perry, Charlie, Monty and the many other characters that are introduced. The tale seemed a little disjointed at times and could have tied together better in a longer story. Also, the instantaneous attraction between Fae and Sonia felt rushed, but there was definitely some sizzling chemistry between them which more than compensated for the hurried get together.

There are a couple of topics in the novella to be aware of. While it is not frequent, this story does deal with f/m sexual activities in sections. Additionally, while it is not explicitly described, there is an occurrence of rape that is discussed.

The Conclusion

Sigil Fire is a deliciously hot serving of paranormal romance and thriller with a nice side of holiday cheer. It is an interesting amalgamation that reminded me a bit of the movie Sin City but with a more paranormal edge and happier ending. If you are looking for something different this Christmas, this book fits the bill.

Excerpt from Sigil Fire by Erzabet Bishop

The dream wrapped around Fae like gossamer silk. It was always the same. The woman’s back was to Fae – shapely curves illuminated against the shadows, the stranger’s face just out of view. They were in a dark and winding alley, with the back side of row houses and businesses cluttered with dumpsters and badly repaired fences. The area behind the shops looked ramshackle and smelled worse. A combination of rotting garbage and the reek of something far worse.

A sense of urgency pounded through Fae. She needed to find this woman. Needed to find her now.

Dark demonic wings fluttered in the background, causing the mystery woman to flee. Her skirts whipped up, revealing calves that sucked the air from Fae’s lungs.

An aura of silvery wings hung behind the woman, vanishing as quickly as they appeared. The alleyway grew disjointed – a true setting from a nightmare. The red of her hair was only visible for a moment.

“Help me!” the woman’s sultry voice begged, out of breath and shrill with terror.

Fae’s dream self darted behind her. Shadowy faces and writhing figures moved in the periphery of her vision. She stared straight ahead. She had to focus. To find the woman.

“Wait!” She reached out, but only caught the tendrils of mist that filled the void.

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