Shell Game by Benny LawrenceI found Shell Game by Benny Lawrence by pure luck and I cannot tell you how happy I am that I did.

This is one of my favourite books and I could devour her work in one sitting. I have read this book three or four times since I bought it.

It is well written, funny and kept me guessing.

The story is about Lynn and Darren. Darren is the captain of a ship and she is trying to rescue poor villagers from the civil war that is raging.

The story starts with Darren rescuing Lynn from a fishing village. Well, rescuing might be a rather odd description for what actually happens.

Little does Darren know that she will fall for the girl and discover that what she thought was happening actually wasn’t, instead everything turns upside down and Darren is left making the most important decision of her life.

This book won a 2014 Goldie Award for Science Fiction/Fantasy and I am not surprised. You will either love or hate this book. If you get the sample from Amazon and enjoy it then you are in for a really enjoyable read. If you just don’t enjoy the humour then stop reading because it continues in the same vein.

The Characters

I love all of the characters in Shell Game, from the main women to the ‘pirates’ and Darren’s ex. They are all well written and very cute.

The Writing Style

I am a huge fan of Lawrence’s work. I have read all of her published works and am eagerly awaiting her next.

The Pros

You have never read a book like this before and you probably won’t ever again.

The Cons

She has only published a few books so far.

Sheena's favourite novels - reviewed on TheLesbianReview.comlise mactague's favoriteThe Conclusion

Awesome and on my must-read list.

Excerpt from Shell Game by Benny Lawrence

“Tell him to tie me to the mast,” I repeated slowly.

Her mouth opened and closed twice. “You want to be tied to the mast?”

“That’s not the question,” I said, in my most reasonable tone of voice. “The question is, do you want me running around your nice orderly ship like a lunatic? Knocking over barrels and throwing wineskins overboard and trying to bite your fingers off? The only sensible thing to do is to tie me to the mast.”

“You wouldn’t do that,” she said – with more confidence than she felt. I could tell.

I grinned nastily. “Wouldn’t I?”

Her face was an interesting study, right then. There was disbelief, but then as the seconds passed, she began to believe that I was serious. And then she realized that the tide was turning and that she didn’t have time to sit around and debate the issue. She made and intriguing sound, something in between a moan and a snarl – I was to hear her make that sound quite a few times in the coming days. The she threw up her hands.

“Fine,” she said. “Fine. Have it your way! Regon, you heard her. Tie her to the goddamn mast. Tie her to anything she wants to be tied to. Tie her to the anchor for all I care. But get her on the damn boat, now!

Then she strode off, nursing her bleeding arm. The village children scampered at her heels like puppies. Regon tried to lead me away gently, but I set my heels in the dirt so he had to yank me along. Within fifteen seconds, the cord was biting into my wrist and I’d stubbed my toe and my back was aching and my knees were scraped where I had knelt on the path.

And I couldn’t figure out why I felt so fantastically happy. I filed that away as something to think about, once I had the time.

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