She Waits by Kate SweeneyShe Waits by Kate Sweeney is the first book in the Kate Ryan Mystery Series.

Kate Ryan is a middle aged wildlife photographer who gave up a rewarding but dangerous career. Kate and her partner decided to give up being private eyes when their last case turned out to be very deadly.

She will never forget nor will she ever forgive herself for trusting someone who betrayed her and she vowed to never let her heart rule over her logical thinking again.

Kate finds solace and enjoyment in photography, her beautiful home and her lovely dog named Chance. She spends a few years being emotionally detached and going through the daily motions of life until two of her dear friends ask her for a favor. This favor takes her to a small town near Galena where she meets the stubborn and beguiling Margaret Winfield.

It was a simple twist of fate that brought Margaret and Kate together but it will be old family secrets, betrayal, deceit and death threats that will keep Kate by Margaret’s side as she tries to protect her and solve a murder that is two decades old. Kate and Margaret grow closer each day and things begin to fall apart in the Winfield family as more tragedies occur and ancient grudges are brought to light.

Will Kate be able to keep Margaret safe while she tries to keep her emotions in check? Will Kate be able to find out who the murderer is before it is too late?

The Characters

Kate Ryan is an ex-private eye. She was once the proud co-owner of Whittier and Ryan Private Investigations but after a heartbreaking and traumatic event, Kate and her partner decided to close their private eye business. Kate is always tripping over her own feet so she made up her mind to do something that would make a difference in the world, give her satisfaction and keep her safe. She has made a name for herself by becoming a wildlife photographer. Kate is so endearing (even with her quick temper) because she will go out of her way to help her friends or anyone in need. Plus, I just adore women who love animals!

Margaret ‘Maggie’ Winfield is the heiress to the Winfield estate and she is studying to become a doctor. My heart really went out to Margaret because she has endured so much betrayal, pain and loss in her life. I enjoyed Margaret’s sarcastic sense of humor and her quick wit (I would love to have her as a friend because I know we would always be up to some sort of mischief!)

The Writing Style

I have got to hand it to Kate Sweeney, she definitely knows how to weave an enthralling tale because she gave this humorous mystery a supernatural twist that had me captivated throughout the entire novel. I also enjoyed the beautiful descriptions of the forest that surrounded the Winfield property.

The Pros

I am a certified animal lover and I am always delighted to read a story that has quirky pets with attitude. I’m also a huge fan of unique and hilarious mysteries and this one is definitely a winner because I had a good chuckle at the witty banter between Kate and Margaret as they stumbled around trying to find out who the murderer is. 

The Cons

There were one or two lags in the storyline that could have been tightened up.

The Conclusion

aprils favourite booksI definitely enjoyed this bizarre and hilarious mystery! I can’t tell you how many hours I have spent deeply engrossed in Kate and Margaret’s world but what I can tell you is this— you will fall in love with these wonderful women and you might even spend some time arguing with some of the characters via your kindle (I am not ashamed to say I did!)

If you enjoy clumsy, amateur sleuths, meddling family members, adorable pets, puzzling murders coupled with a ghost or two, then this is certainly the story for you!

Excerpt from She Waits by Kate Sweeney

“Excuse me, but in case anyone is interested, I was knocked off my horse!” Margaret yelled, waving her hands.

“Margaret, you know full well that you were not supposed to be riding that creature at all! And just what were you doing on the main road?”

Inching ever so slightly toward my new friend, the Hollywood icon, I leaned against my car and waited, patiently if not smugly for an answer.

She glared at me then turned to her aunt. “Let’s talk about this later. I just want to go home.”

I felt a little tension in the air as I watched both women. “Pardon me, I was telling your niece that I would be glad to give her a ride home if needed. I was also going to give her my card in case there were any doctor’s bills. I think that would be only right.”

I was trying to keep the situation formal, not wanting to get into another caustic conversation with this young woman. I cursed my curiosity and wanted to get on my way.

“Thank you. That’s fine with me,” Margaret said indifferently.

“Margaret, when I saw that wretched animal gone from the stable, I immediately called Bedford. He’s coming with the trailer to take that beast back to the stable and have it shot.” She stopped and let out a small laugh. Margaret was not amused which for some odd reason, amused me. “I’m sorry dear, that was a bad joke. Besides, I do not think that animal will fit in the cart. Now, Miss… Oh, good heavens, I don’t know your name, dear.”

“Ryan, Kate Ryan.” I held out my hand and she shook it, giving me a curious look.

“Ryan? Hmm, well, Miss Ryan, my name is Hannah Winfield and this ungracious young woman is my niece, Margaret Winfield.”

I searched the younger Miss Winfield’s face. The name seemed familiar somehow. I stuck out my hand. “Margaret Winfield, it’s a pleasure,” I offered as I gazed down into the blue eyes.

“Miss Ryan, delighted,” she said, oozing sarcasm as she took my hand.

I took her small hand in mine and it dawned on me who she was. Jan and Barb had been telling me about this girl. I remembered our conversation distinctly now: “We have a friend we think might be able to use your help, the way you helped Jan last year. She lives in a small town near Galena. Her name is Maggie Winfield…”


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  • Publisher: Intaglio Publications

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