Shattered by Lee Winter is not your traditional superhero story. It is the story of accepting yourself even though you are deeply flawed.

Meet Lena and Shattergirl.

Lena is the best tracker around. Her job is to track down and bring back rogue guardians, an alien race who took refuge on earth a hundred years ago. The guardians are essentially superheroes who each have unique powers and, in exchange for allowing them to stay, humans asked them to use their superpowers to help us.

Now Lena has to go after Shattergirl a brilliant, sexy, lesbian superhero who can fly and hurl large objects around.

Lena has never failed to bring in missing guardians. But Shattergirl is the highest profiled guardian she has had to go after. And this time having a silver tongue, a no holds barred approach to doing her job and a brilliant mind might not be enough to bring in this mysterious woman.

This is the story of what happens when you pit a superhero with superior intelligence and super-strength willpower against a smart assed, street savvy human who doesn’t care much for guardians.

The ride is epic.

5 Reasons Why You Should Read This Book

1 You will never read anything quite like it again. The things that Winter made me feel was quite something. At one point I wanted to give up on humanity altogether. And then through the journey I felt like perhaps there was hope for us after all.

2 There is an Ice Queen – a Lee Winter speciality – and I LOVE how she writes the characters who are able to thaw the Ice Queens. No two IQ’s are the same and neither are their counterparts.

3 SPOILER: There is an EPIC sex scene towards the end of the book. EPIC. And it seriously had me going – OMG why has no one ever done this before…ask Lee, I messaged her about it because I got so excited.

4 It’s a superhero drama. If you loved Hancock (which I did) then read this book. I must warn you that there is no real action in it. And frankly it didn’t need it.

5 It’s everything I love about Lee Winter novels. It’s smart, it has funny moments and sad moments and moments when I was like…nooooooooo. I actually messaged Winter and said to her – If this doesn’t end happily you need to tell me now so that I can stop reading.

Winter writes books that are unexpected, interesting, thoughtful and the characters are soooooo gooooooood.

What Doesn’t Do This Book Justice

The cover makes the book look like a Young Adult novel or an action and it is neither. It is not a simple, silly read. It is a thought provoking, interesting, well structured read. But, Winter has managed to make it all that AND accessible. It’s not a read that requires you wading through long sentences or paragraphs that has you wondering what you just read.

The blurb doesn’t do it justice either. But it’s also tough to tell you about the story because, as with all of Winter’s books, it is so easy to spoil it.

I also want to say that I have checked out some of the reviews for this book and they don’t give it a fair shake. Yes, the ending will surprise you and no it is not going to be your traditional happy ever after ending. But I don’t think it would have been true to the characters to end it any other way. And it did leave me utterly satisfied and there was even an aaaaaw moment.

The Audiobook

I wonder if I can squee loudly enough over the pairing of Lee Winter and Abby Craden. It’s like a dynamite duo of lesfic. Craden did a wonderful job of bringing depth and range to the characters. Her narration and vocalisation of the different characters was consistent and on point.

This is a fab audiobook.

So Basically

taras favourite lesbian books

sheena's favourite

Lee Winter builds a story. She constructs her books so that everything she brings up matters and plays a part in the whole. She builds her world like you would a bridge and with one strut missing it will all collapse.

She weaves characters with flaws and personalities that make them feel real and as you read you become increasingly invested in them. And then just when you think that you know what’s going on she introduces something new and it turns everything on its head.

Her words are beautiful, her stories brilliant and her characters perfectly flawed. This book is no exception.

I loved every moment of the journey and I bet you will too.

Excerpt from Shattered by Lee Winter

Beast Lord was staring at her mutinously, but his vocal cords were as locked up as the rest of his body trapped under the shimmering electrical netting.

Lena gave him a slow, unimpressed smile. She shifted the safety back on her Dazr and rammed it into her holster. “I am aware by the way. What you said? Broken and soulless. Yep, nailed it. That’s me.”

She lowered herself to a squat and met his flashing eyes. “You also left out a cynical, cold-hearted, manipulative, scheming bitch with massive trust issues.”

Lena tilted her head and added: “You really think anything that your kind could say to me could have any effect? I’ve heard it all. But as worthless as you think I am, for all your people’s alien powers, none of you has ever beaten me. Your attitude’s the worst. All guardians ever do is whine. ‘Oh poor me, life’s so hard, I can’t take it.’ Hell. You do remember that we let you take refuge on Earth? All we asked in return was that you use your skills to help us. As an added bonus everyone loved you. Not that you’re worthy. Shit, it’s the biggest con going.”

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 9783955335632
  • Publisher: Ylva Publishing
  • Audiobook by: Tantor Audio
  • Narrated by: Abby Craden

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