Shameless by Brit RyderShameless by Brit Ryder (aka Kris Bryant) is an erotic novella that is a super hot and fun way to pass an hour. I’ve read most of Kris Bryant’s books before and always enjoyed them, so it was fun to see her take a risk with a new genre.

Emery Pearson is a fire investigator and a bit of a player. She has no time for a relationship, and no real interest in one, finding that hookups are more her speed. Stumbling across Lily on a dating site seems like a dream come true because she wants the exact same thing as Emery—intense sex with no strings attached. Their date at a museum is beyond anything Emery could have imagined (yes, they totally do it at the museum). When sex is that good, does it really have to be a one-time thing?

The Characters

Shameless is told in the first person from Emery’s perspective. She’s an engaging narrator and even though the story is novella length, we learn enough about Emery to be invested in her journey with Lily. Because we only ever see Lily through Emery, we don’t get to know her as much as we might like. That said, I liked how Kris Bryant wrote her and I was especially intrigued by Lily from when Emery first arrives at the museum and spots her. What’s not to like about a curvy, confident woman?

The Writing Style

This is pretty much a perfect erotic novella. Choosing tags for this one was actually kind of difficult because it’s not an erotic romance per se, but there’s definitely more to it than just sex. The pacing is solid, the sex writing is smoking, and it delivered some things that surprised me enough that I may have had to immediately reread the story. All in all, a fabulous read.

The Pros

Super hot museum sex, that curvy pin-up look, just enough surprises to keep things interesting, and that ending…

The Cons


The Conclusion

Kris Bryant’s trip outside of her usual genre is well worth it and even comes at a really reasonable price! I seriously hope she keeps writing erotica, or even tries her hand at a full-length erotic romance, because she has the chops for it and we need more good erotic writing in lesfic. If you’re looking for a short erotic read with a well-developed story, definitely pick up Shameless.

Excerpt from Shameless by Brit Ryder

“Any other favorites here?” She points to another dark painting on the opposite wall. I head over to it, racking my brain for anything on the artist Rubens. Nothing. I face her. “He’s very sensual.” She stands and walks over to me, one stiletto heel in front of the other, her hips swaying softly. I watch because I know she wants me to.

“He’s known for adding color when others dared not to.” She looks up at me. “I want to touch it.” I think she means my cock, but she means the painting. I lean toward her.

“If the guard wasn’t there, you could touch anything you wanted to.” She smiles at me, her coyness an adorable surprise.

“Maybe if you distracted him, I could get away with it.” She lifts her eyebrow in challenge.

“What if there is an alarm that goes off?” I ask.

“Then we run,”she says. I look down at her very high heels.

“In those?”

She laughs. “You’d be surprised what I can do in these.”

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Note: I received a free review copy of Shameless by Brit Ryder No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion I refuse to review books.

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