Her Shadow by Sally Xerri-BrooksHer Shadow by Sally Xerri-Brooks is a story about love, loss, betrayal, politics, learning to embrace happiness in the ordinary day to day details in life and giving back to your community.

Cameron Strawbank is flying high on the wings of success. Her career as an upper-class fundraiser for a prominent university has her entertaining the cream of the crop in society. After receiving a five-figure donation from Sara Lorenzo, a popular politician, Cameron’s life is forever altered. The thin line between Cameron’s personal and professional world merge as she explores a relationship with Sara. Unfortunately, the media gets word of Cameron’s relationship with Sara and the media links Sara’s donation to the college with their relationship. Cameron’s reputation as a fundraiser is tarnished, her budding romance with Sara withers under intense pressure and her life as she once knew it is torn to shreds. Cameron decides that a vacation from her life is desperately needed so she flees the country with her ex-girlfriend to get away from it all, the heartbreak and the scrutiny of the media.

Cameron makes new changes in her life and her career. She tries to rebuild a connection to Sara when she gets news of a suspected terrorist attack in central London. Will Cameron and Sara be able to forgive each other and rekindle the love they once shared? Or will this suspected terrorist attack help to inadvertently sever all ties between them?

The Characters

Cameron Strawbank is a fundraiser for the prestigious Knighton University College. She goes all out for the college by wooing past students and people in high society to become patrons and donate to the college. I love her charming, affable and quick-witted personality. In such a cut-throat industry, it is so refreshing to see that Cameron retained a sense of innocence about her. Cameron is very straightforward regardless of how awkward a situation may be. She openly expresses her desires and she wears her heart on her sleeve.

Sara Lorenzo is a well-known shadow cabinet minister. She is an amazing woman who takes a genuine interest in the citizens that she represents. Sara is not only passionate about her career but she is an ardent lover as well. She tries so hard to keep up a mask of control and calm but underneath that mask is a kind-hearted and sensitive woman and these traits endeared her to me.

The Writing Style

The author captured the heart and soul of the English landscape, the cities and its people in this wonderful story. The characters were fully developed and the dialogue flowed seamlessly throughout the story.

The Pros

I was really surprised to learn about all of the work that goes on behind the scenes in the gift giving/grant/donation industry. This story made me extremely pleased because both of the main characters are in very powerful professions that could effect change on the lives of numerous people and in so many positive ways.

The Cons

My only problem with this story is the fact that it made me greedy for more and I got sad when it ended. Sigh… (I’ll just wait right over here until the author releases a sequel).

aprils favourite booksThe Conclusion

This is such a delightful story of finding love, blossoming under the gift of the unexpected love only to lose it suddenly. Be warned, this story will have you smiling, tearing up, and engaging in a lengthy quarrel with your Kindle as you journey with Sara and Cameron as they make tough choices about their careers and whether or not they could salvage the passion they once shared. If you enjoy a romance that contains many twists, turns and unforeseen dramatic moments, then this is the story for you!

Excerpt from Her Shadow by Sally Xerri-Brooks

“Over the years there have been a few, it’s true.” She pouted, and scraped her wet hair away from her face. My heart sank. “But darling Cam, you’re the first in a long while.” She shifted, and moved forward to kiss me gently on the lips. I smiled. “And now, I really must go.” I grasped the sides of the bath, readying myself to get out too. “No, you stay as long as you like. It’ll be a thrill for me in my meeting knowing you are here in my bath, naked.” I laughed. There was something so beautifully self-assured about Sara that made me feel calm. I laid back and watched her climb out of the bath and into a large fluffy white towel. She left the room and a few moments later reappeared in a smart black suit with a deep pink blouse underneath. Her dark hair was tied back and she quickly glanced in the mirror to put on her lipstick. “I would like to see you again, Cam, if you’d like that?”

“Yes, of course. I mean, I’d love that.” I smiled broadly.

“Cute.” She gave me a quick kiss and then she was gone. I laid back in the bath and closed my eyes for a moment, allowing myself to inhale the steam that swirled around me. I still wasn’t sure of Sara’s intentions, but I was too intoxicated by her to bring myself to care. After another 10 minutes soaking, I slowly lifted myself out of the water, and reached for my own towel. She had left one in easy reach for me. It was beautifully soft, and had warmed on the rail. I wrapped it around myself and put my feet into a pair of slippers nearby. Sara’s of course. They were soft and inviting, and in them I walked around the apartment. I felt like a ghost, visiting a stranger’s home, unseen, unheard.

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Note: I received a free review copy of Her Shadow by Sally Xerri-Brooks. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion I refuse to review books.

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