Seoul-Spankings-by-Anastasia-VitskySeoul Spankings by Anastasia Vitsky is a funny little love story about a sort of arranged marriage.

Indigo flees from her life in the US after her boyfriend betrays her. A well timed offer by her Aunt to fly to Seoul, South Korea sees her travel across the globe to what she thinks is a job interview at Han Incorporated.

Hyunkyung Han runs Han Incorporated. She is looking for a bride as part of a positive publicity move. She is promised a blushing bride to be and expects a well behaved Korean American who is bilingual. Instead Indigo appears and cannot speak a word of Korean.

This misunderstanding sees Hyunkyung and Indigo get off to a rocky start and almost miss the chance at true love.

And being a Vitsky novel, it would be incomplete without some spanking.

The Characters

Both Hyunkyung and Indigo are well written characters. They are clear and you end up liking them both and wishing they would just talk to one another. But if they did we wouldn’t have this fun, short novel to read.

The Writing Style

I enjoy Anastasia Vitsky’s writing style. It is clean, light and well paced. Of course, I mean clean as in no writing errors, spelling or grammar problems. In terms of sex, Vitsky is a surprising writer, there is spanking and hints at sex but not a lot of actual, graphic sex. This somehow seems contrary to what one expects from her books.

The Pros

I liked the story, it was a lovely, quick read and I finished it in one sitting.

The Cons

I was a little unconvinced at the end when the two women travel back to America. I don’t want to ruin the story, so I won’t say why, but it felt a little forced. Still, it did wrap up some lose ends.

The Conclusion

Well worth a read. Vitsky is a romantic and she likes a good spanking. She is a good writer and her books are worth it. Another plus is that she is incredibly prolific, so we won’t have to wait between books for too long.

On a more personal note, she is a really lovely person and I enjoyed chatting to her. Vitsky is also all over social media, making it easy to connect with her if you are a fan.

Excerpt from Seoul Spankings by Anastasia Vitsky

This woman was another creature altogether. Glossy black hair fell in a shimmering waterfall, curving underneath toward her chin. A natural, pale line, neither straight nor crooked, parted the hair on the left side. The light danced on the surface that shone like obsidian. The strands looked soft enough to touch, to stroke, and hold next to my cheek. Unlike my mousy blond-brown hair that never could decide its color, this woman’s locks called to me with their Siren song. I tugged at the ends of my pixie cut. No amount of professional hairstyling could make me look like that.

I shook myself. So the rude woman had nice hair. So what?

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Publisher: Decadent Publishing

ISBN number: 9781613338247

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