Seeking-Dolly-Parton-movie-reviewSeeking Dolly Parton is a charming film starring two hot women. What more could a girl want? Oh and I forgot to tell you, the two hot women kiss and they have on screen chemistry. Yay.

And did I mention they were hot. Ouch! My wife just smacked me for that. Okay but seriously, Kacey Barnfield. Alright we can get onto the serious business that is critiquing the film.

Seeking Dolly Parton is a charming and touching romantic comedy about a couple, Charlie and Cerina. They have been together for a few years and are feeling settled. As women tend to do, Cerina wants to have a baby. Charlie loves Cerina and will go along for the ride as long as she doesn’t have to deal with birthing the child.

Cerina concocts a multitude of interesting and somewhat disastrous ways of trying to obtain sperm, culminating eventually in asking her ex-boyfriend Josh to make a donation. I would like to just veer off topic here to tell you that the film was written and directed by Michael Worth who plays Josh, the ex-boyfriend.

Josh agrees after some consideration and moves in with the women. It becomes quite clear that he hopes to reunite with Cerina. This adds an interesting and difficult dilemma to the situation.

In terms of Charlie and Josh, it would have been easy to paint their relationship as simply that of rivals for the affection of a woman but Worth added complexity to their relationship and an interesting dynamic evolves between them which I really enjoyed.

In the background there is the story of Charlie who has memories of her late father taking her to a particular park when she was a child. It is a cherished memory and she longs to find that park again. She was too young to remember exactly where it was located but she does remember a rose that was in the park, the Dolly Parton rose. This is where the name of the film comes from.

As the story unfolds there is laughter, heartbreak and growth all culminating in the happy ending that every feel good film brings.

The Characters and Plot

I enjoyed the character growth of Charlie and Josh in particular. Their relationship was complex, painful and beautiful to watch.

The women had a very strange friend who was supposed to add an element of humour but I found him a bit odd and abrasive. I don’t think the film needed him, but I also didn’t find him annoying enough that he really affected my enjoyment.

The Technical Side

It was a well made film. The techniques were good solid film making techniques, the soundtrack was solid and the story flowed. There were some gorgeous moments and I liked the fact that the sound did not have the typical tin can sound that so many digitally made, back yard lesbian films have. Good on you Mr Worth for producing a well made, professional, layered production.

The Pros

The open scene is gorgeous. It is one of my favourite scenes in any lesbian film. I literally watched it four or five times because I enjoyed it so much.

The Cons

You can watch the film on Vimeo, but you can’t own it. That sucks for someone like me who loves to re-watch my favourite films.

The Conclusion

Watch it. It is absolutely worth it. And then watch the beginning a couple of extra times because it is that cute.

Michael Worth needs to keep making films in the lesbian arena and you need to support this film, because honestly it won’t be a hardship, quite the opposite, to go and watch it.

If you aren’t convinced yet then watch the trailer here

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Bits and Bobs

Director, Writer: Michael Worth

Actors: Kacey Barnfield (Resident Evil: Afterlife) and Anya Monzikova (Iron Man 2), Michael Worth

I received a review copy of the film. No money was exchanged and I only ever do honest reviews.

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