Secrets in the Stone by RadclyffeSecrets in the Stone by Radclyffe is a little different from most of Radclyffe’s other pieces because it contains a little bit of something otherworldly. But first, let me tell you about the story.

Adrian Oakes is a freelance journalist. The book starts with her traveling to a small town where she will occupy her grandmother’s home for the winter. Her grandmother is somewhere warm and Adrian needs a place to stay.

On the train there she meets a gorgeous blond, Melinda Singer. They have an immediate spark and Adrian finds herself thinking about Melinda naked. As it turns out, Melinda is traveling to the same small town as Adrian, in search of an artist. She is an art dealer and loves discovering new talent.

They arrive in the small town and part ways. When Adrian arrives at her grandmother’s home she discovers that a tree has fallen over, knocking a hole in the roof and damaging the chimney. She calls the caretaker of the local graveyard in hopes that he can help her.

Instead of the man she was expecting, Rooke Tyler, a woman comes to her rescue in the middle of the night. They are instantly attracted to one another but seem to get their wires crossed and end up with an awful misunderstanding.

In the mean time Melinda occupies herself with a few local delights in an otherworldly fashion.

The Characters

This is a lovely, gentle story with well written, interesting characters. The personal touches are great. I especially enjoyed the uniqueness of Rooke’s secret and Melinda’s interaction with the world.

The Writing Style

As usual, Radclyffe manages to create a unique set of characters with an interesting and satisfying plot. Good pacing, good resolutions and an all round good read.

The Pros

This is a good read. An intriguing, different set of characters with a storyline that hasn’t quite been done before.

Jude Castle makes a brief appearance in the book with a mention of Saxon Sinclair, both main characters in another of Radclyffe’s books.

The Cons

I am not mad about the title. I understand why she chose this title, but it just doesn’t stick in the mind for some reason. It’s not a huge downside though, I still enjoyed the book.

The Conclusion

This is a fun read. The drama, the slight otherworldly elements and the sexually charged atmosphere make it great fun. Get it when you want something a little different but still a romance.

Excerpt from Secrets In The Stone by Radclyffe

A harsh glare pierced the murky depths of the tunnel, accompanied by a rumbling roar that reverberated in Adrian’s bones. Frigid air carrying the scent of snow blasted her, and she flinched back, blinded by the light. Bodies pressed close around her, whispers of anticipation hammered at her eardrums, and she struggled to shut out the disorienting tumult as the northbound Acela screeched to a halt at the platform.

Gripping her briefcase, overnight bag, and a cardboard cut of take-out coffee, Adrian let herself be carried by the press of the crowd into the business-class car, where she finally dropped into a window seat with an overwhelming rush of relief. She’s never been good in crowds–too many seething emotions, too many unwanted caresses masquerading as innocent touches. Determined to dispel the lingering discomfort, she pulled several files from her briefcase and concentrated on her work, the one constant she could count on to ease her disquiet.

“Excuse me, is this seat taken?”

“No. Please, sit down,” Adrian said automatically. She removed her briefcase from the adjacent seat to make room for the woman standing in the aisle. The blonde reminded her of Kim Basinger in L.A. Confidential, voluptuous in a way that contemporary women seemed to eschew. Lustrous shoulder-length honey blond hair, full red lips, and a sensuous figure that her tailored two-piece suit did nothing to temper. The curve of the hips and tapered thighs were obvious beneath the gray silk skirt, and the deep fee of the jacket, while modest enough for business attire at first glance, nevertheless gave a titillating hint of cleavage.

Adrian’e pulse kicked, and the response surprised her. She didn’t ordinarily find herself attracted to women who reminded her of the sophisticated, high-powered denizens of the world she’d grown up in. The train lurched forward and she grabbed for the coffee she’d placed on the narrow pull-down tray in front of her. She muttered and oath under her breath as a stream of scalding liquid sluiced over her hand.

“Oh, I am so sorry,” the blond said in a smooth, melodic voice that matched the honey of her hair. To Adrian’s complete consternation, her wrist was grasped and the woman cradled it in her lap as she sat down, murmuring, “Here, let me see.”

“It’s fine, really.” Adrian tried to withdraw her hand, aware of the charge of current, so cold it nearly burned, dancing up her arm.

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