A Secret To Tell by Ann RobertsA Secret To Tell by Ann Roberts is the sixth book in the Ari Adams Mystery Series.

Ari Adams and Molly Nelson are both working on demanding cases. They use their knowledge and training as ex-police officers to solve the cases they were tasked with. The path of love has not run smoothly for Ari and Molly because their relationship was fraught with numerous misunderstandings and crushing disappointments. They are determined to rebuild their relationship from the ground up amidst their hectic work schedules, murder and mayhem.

Ari realizes that the mystery case she has taken on is an enormous sinister web that she will have to unravel. Ari desperately tries to solve an enigma that is decades old but will her meddling expose way more than she has bargained for? Who would have thought that this case might be an icy blast from her past?

The Characters

Ari Adams is an ex-police officer who is now well established as a real estate broker. Even though she is no longer on the police force, her investigating skills have not waned a bit and neither did her penchant for getting into trouble. I was really moved by the depth of Ari’s love for the people she shares her life with. She was not afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve at all. Ari has a huge heart for her friends, family and she is also very devoted to her lover, Molly. Ari does her best to balance her job, help out a long-time friend by the name of Scott and be a safe harbor for Molly whenever she needs her.

Molly Nelson is an ex-police officer turned private investigator. She runs her own company and she is determined to build her reputation one client at a time. Molly lucks out by being hired by a prestigious law firm to investigate the murder of a high profile lawyer. She has a quick wit that is balanced out by a tender heart. I really loved how Molly persevered under the pressure of trying to solve the murder case as well as deal with her own personal issues.

The Writing Style

This story was wonderfully crafted with a blend of intrigue, mystery, conflicting emotions and tender romance. From the first page I was completely sucked into the story due to the non-stop action and the steady flow of angst and excitement. The characters were realistic and the dialogue between them was fantastic!

The Pros

I really enjoyed reading this story because there are not too many stories that feature a real estate broker who has a knack for getting into trouble! Last but not least, I am so delighted that one of the main characters shares my last name (wink, wink! Ladies with that surname surely know how to keep things lively anywhere they go!)

The Cons

It’s just so sad that the sequel to this book has not been released yet…

aprils favourite booksThe Conclusion

This is surely one story you should not miss out on reading. I can assure you, this story has the right amount of angst, mystery, comedy and romance to keep you up way past your bedtime (I know I stayed up way past mine while I read this book). This story can be read as a stand-alone but if you want to fully appreciate and understand the history of the characters, then I would suggest that you start with the first book in The Ari Adams Mystery Series.

Excerpt from A Secret To Tell by Ann Roberts

Gloria shook her head. “All I know is the beginning. The office manager, Isabelle Medina, called me a little after six. She’s usually the first one in the office, followed at six fifteen by one or two of the paralegals. They’re responsible for making sure the attorneys going to court that day have everything they need. She found the tenth floor completely vandalized. Chairs and computers were overturned, glass shattered on the floor in the kitchen, the copy machine destroyed. I told her I’d come at once. Then she called again, hysterical. She’d gone to the washroom because the hallway was flooded. One of the sinks had been plugged and the water on the floor had a red tinge.” Gloria took a breath as she prepared for the last sentence. “When she checked the stalls, she found Victor. I threw on this lovely ensemble,” she said, gesturing to the tracksuit, “and dashed here while Isabelle called the police.”

At the commotion in the lobby, they looked down the hallway to see the coroner’s stretcher pass. Gloria’s gaze dropped to the floor as she composed herself. When she looked up, fierce determination had replaced sorrow and grief. She folded her arms and raised her chin. “Ms. Nelson, my expectation is that you are now the firm’s advisor on this matter. I expect you to be a resource to the employees who might be interviewed, and since I’ve read your police file and know you personally apprehended dozens of criminals, I want you to investigate as well. I’ll make sure the staff fully cooperates. You’ll get whatever you need to find Victor’s murderer.”

“Excellent,” Molly said. “I’m sure the police will ask you for a complete staff list with addresses and phone numbers, as well as full access to every employee’s email.”

“Of course. I’ll get Isabelle on it immediately.”

Brittany reappeared and said to Gloria, “The police are ready to escort you upstairs.”

Gloria turned to Ari. “It took me a while to remember, but I’ve also read up on you, Ms. Adams. You may not be a licensed investigator, but you certainly get into a lot of trouble.” Ari looked surprised and Gloria offered a sly smile. “I think that’s a good thing.”

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