Secret-Lies-by-Amy-DunneSecret Lies by Amy Dunne is about two teenage girls. The main character is Nicola Jackson who is the outsider at school. She is abused by her stepfather and is desperate to escape from him. She runs away from home and in her haste she bumps into the popular girl from school, Jenny.

Jenny is fighting her own demons and ends up inviting Nicola to stay the night. The two strike up a friendship that evolves into more.

The novel is about what happens when families, friends and authorities find out about their budding lesbian relationship.

The Characters

I liked the characters, ended up caring about them and enjoyed the family and friend dynamic that played out in the background.

I found Nicola’s stepfather to be a little too much of a caricature, however given that this is a young adult novel, that is not necessarily such a bad thing.

The Writing Style

I like the way Amy Dunne writes. It is clean, fast paced and she manages to build rapport between her characters.

The Pros

It was a sweet romance with a lot of angst that will appeal to the teen market.

The Cons

The adult market might find it a little too simplistic.

The Conclusion

It was an easy read, nicely written and well thought out. This book will appeal to younger women/girls who are busy discovering how fun it is to read about girls who like to kiss other girls.

Excerpt from Secret Lies by Amy Dunne

“I’ve got the first-aid kit,” Jenny said softly from the doorway.

As Nicola turned to face her, Jenny’s breath momentarily caught in her throat. The upset, plain girl she’d left in the hallway seemed to have transformed. Her blue eyes now sparkled with vitality, her cheeks glowed, and her smile was beaming.

“If you point me in the right direction, I can sort myself out,” Nicola said politely, as she walked towards her. “You’ve already been kind enough.”

Jenny swallowed and tried to recover herself. “The kitchen’s this way.”


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Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

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