The Second Sister by Rae D MagdonThe Second Sister by Rae D Magdon was really hard for me to put down. I took great pleasure in this retelling of a fantasy version of Cinderella. I won’t say its Cinderella exactly (the original version not the Disney cute version) but it had many elements in the story that did remind me of it.

Eleanor’s father has remarried to Lady Kingsclere who has two daughters. He uproots him and his daughter to live with their new family in the Baxtresse manor. It’s not soon after that Eleanor’s father dies and Lady Kingsclere falls ill.

Now Eleanor is left to the devices of her peculiar step sisters Luciana and Belladonna. Something isn’t right with Luciana. Rumors of her cruelty circulate amongst the servants. The first night after the passing of Ellie’s father and Lady Kingsclere’s falling ill, Luciana and Belladonna break into Ellie’s room.

Luciana threatens to kill Ellie but Belladonna makes a bet with her sister to save her life and begins her enslavement at the Baxtresse manor.

Luciana torments Ellie and is power hungry but Belladonna haunts her dreams.

Ellie must stop Luciana in her quest for power before she can get to the prince and seduce him with her sorcerers necklace.

The Characters

Eleanor is 20 years of age. She has been guarded her whole life innocent and naïve. She is kind to everyone including the servants which will help her later on. What is special about Eleanor is she is an Ariada which is a person who possess a magical trait in some way. Her special trait is the gift to speak to animals.

I found her enjoyable to read because she is kind and naïve but strong which is a trait I find admirable. Through her enslavement she struggles to show no weakness to Luciana and I found myself cheering her on.

Luciana is lustful, power hungry, and wicked.

Belladonna is the silent poetic type as well as tall and strong. I loved her sensuality and possessiveness. She was rough but never abusive. She always ensured her lover was comfortable and had her permission.

She was pretty freakn’ hot… and I love the way Belladonna is referred to occasionally as handsome.

The Writing Style

The novel was set at a quality pace with great sexy time scenes peppered throughout the story. There was romance, sex, and adventure all mixed in with the right amounts.

The Pros

Oh man I loved the sexy time in this book! The romance was cute but not a back and forth situation between the characters. The strong story line is what kept me engaged and the romance made me… I don’t think I’m allowed to say but hope that I have gotten my point across.

The Cons

There is a part of the story where Luciana is forcing herself on one of her servants. I personally wasn’t bothered too much by it because it’s not the major theme of the book. If you want to spoil this book for yourself you can read the next sentence but I suggest you don’t. The character who gets forced upon extracts justice in the end.

Also if you’re not comfortable with a sister-in-law falling in love with her sister-in-law then this might not be for you. Again I wasn’t bothered by it because it isn’t like these ladies are related; they have been united because their parents married.

brooklyn's favouriteThe Conclusion

I am very fond of this book. Reading it has made me hungry for more Rae D. Magdon books.. It’s a great mix of fantasy and romance.  Anyone who enjoys sexy time and a fairytale and wants to mix the two together should give it a try; I don’t think you will regret it.

Excerpt from The Second Sister by Rae D Magdon

“And what do you love, Ellie?” Belladonna asked, studying my face as carefully as I had studied hers. A few strands of straw hair blew between my lips, and I pulled them away.

“Everything I left behind at Sandleford. My mother, the animals, old Father Matthias, my friends. And you? Do you love something?”

Belladonna gave a thoughtful pause, staring directly at me. I could not read her eyes. “Yes, I think I do.”

“You think?” The wind died suddenly, and my arms tingled as the blood blossomed under the surface of my skin again. There was a slight flush along Belladonna’s collarbone, the only imperfection on her clear skin. It crept up one side of her neck, and I could not force my eyes away. I could even see her pulse beating next to the cord of her throat, above the hollow where her neck met her shoulder.

“I think,” she repeated. She gave me a fluid smile, her eyelashes brushing her cheeks as she blinked. She turned away, pulling her blue shawl tighter about her shoulders against the biting air. Immediately, the breeze returned, though not as strong as before, as if it knew it was supposed to start up again.

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 9781311262042
  • Publisher: Desert Palm Press

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Note: I received a free review copy of The Second Sister by Rae D Magdon. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion I refuse to review books.

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