The Schuyler House by Cade Haddock StrongThe Schuyler House by Cade Haddock Strong is a story about learning valuable life lessons from painful circumstances, opening one’s heart to love and making positive changes in one’s life.

Mattie Pearson lives a double life and as a result of this she has to leave behind everything that she holds dear to her heart. She has absolutely no choice but to leave the only place she once considered her place of refuge because staying would jeopardize her freedom.

Mattie starts over from scratch as she tries to settle in Washington, DC. Mattie meets Alex and they form an unexpected but fulfilling friendship that has changed their lives in so many positive ways. As time goes by, Mattie finds herself in a predicament. She harbors so many feelings for Alex but she doesn’t want to ruin their friendship by telling Alex how she really feels about her. Mattie is also worried about revealing her past to Alex because there is so much more at stake than just her heart. Would Mattie be able to trust Alex with her heart as well as her darkest secrets?

The Characters

Mattie Pearson is an accountant. She’s a wizard when it comes to solving financial queries in a business. Mattie possesses a sharp mind, she is fiercely loyal to her friends and she loves them like family. I love Mattie’s generous, honest, fun-loving and helpful nature. In addition, I really admire Mattie’s tenacity as she tries to work through the tremendous challenges that come her way.

Alex Holland runs a landscaping company. She takes great pride in her business and she works really hard to keep her clients satisfied. Alex comes from a very close-knit family and she treasures the special bond she has with her friends as well. My admiration for Alex grew immensely because she is always a source of comfort and support to her friends in numerous situations. Alex’s quirky sense of humor and her self-confident personality endeared her to me.

The Writing Style

I really appreciated the way the author gave me an in-depth background on the Schuyler House and I really love the vivid description of the Vermont landscape. The story flowed seamlessly from one scenario to another without a lag in the storyline and the dialogue between the characters had a natural flow as well.

The Pros

Want to know why I really loved this story? One of the main characters is a brilliant accountant! I also love reading stories about women who take joy in running very important businesses such as landscaping, gardening or any other outdoor profession.

The Cons

Why did this story have to end? I really want to read more about these characters!

The Conclusion

This story captivated me on so many levels because I was taken on a wild journey with Mattie! The numerous twists and turns in the plot kept me wondering about what was going to happen next. I also entertained insane thoughts of just forgoing sleep so I could continue to read on to satisfy my curiosity. If you enjoy a storyline with unique twists and angst filled situations coupled with a dash of slow burning romance, then this is certainly the story for you!

Excerpt from The Schuyler House by Cade Haddock Strong

Suddenly, a big, burly guy on a mountain bike comes flying down the hill to my right. The bike path curves sharply at the bottom of the hill, and he cranks his handlebars to try and make the turn and almost takes out a woman in his path. She’s forced to leap off the bike path to avoid being plowed down and tumbles down the adjacent steep grassy slope.

The biker is totally oblivious to what has happened and just continues speeding down the bike path without even a backward glance. I run ahead and hobble down the embankment to help the woman. “Are you okay?” I gasp.

“Yeah, I don’t think I broke anything. I am just going to be really, really sore tomorrow morning,” she pants, but manages a smile.

I offer her a hand up. Once she’s on her feet, I can’t help but notice that she’s extremely attractive. She’s about my height, slim but obviously in really good shape and she has the most incredible dark green eyes. Her light brown hair is pulled back in a ponytail, and even under her running jacket, I can tell her arms are totally buff. I stare at her a little too long but I eventually find my voice. “Um, hi, I’m Mattie. What a total asshole, huh?”

“Yeah, major asshole… I’m Alex, thanks for the hand.” She makes an effort to brush the dirt and grass off her running pants.

“Not a problem. Do you think you can make it home on foot or do you want me to find you a cab or something?”

“I think I am all right, but thanks. I’m not too far from home, and I think I can walk it. Thanks again, enjoy the rest of this beautiful day.”

“You too.” I turn to continue running back toward P Street.

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  • ISBN number: 9781594935725
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