Sandcastles-by-Suzie-CarrSandcasles by Suzie Carr is guest reviewed by Lynn Lawler. You can find out more about her at the bottom of the page in her profile.

Good morning friends. I have been very busy with my reading and have just finished this incredible book by Suzie Carr. Suzie is a positive minded woman who incorporates her messages into her stories. She is the author of several books including, “Sandcastles”, which I am reviewing today.

This story is about two dynamic women. The first one is Lia, a strong willed and ambitious independent, businesswoman. On the surface she appears to be very desirable. Her own company is successful and obstacles never seem to deter her mission.

I applaud the author for making her so independent because many traditional “Romance” stories portray one weaker than the other – where one can’t function without the other – and need someone to save them. Not Lia. She takes the bull by the horns and is very much a “do-it-yourselfer”.

On the other side of the spectrum is Willow, a shy, but assertive woman who meets up with Lia. Willow is an old soul who is very spiritual and speaks the truth. She works as a yoga instructor, a job she really loves. In addition – her psychic gifts, allow Willow the opportunity to help others in a professional setting.

Willow’s calm and caring demeanor, made me really appreciate everything she did. Suzie Carr has a special way of creating characters whom you can easily fall in love with. This one truly captured me in a special way. Sometimes we are presented with life’s challenges and we have to come to terms with who we are and what we have to work with.

Growing up in a strict conservative household, Willow was forced into a religion that didn’t fit her. Many times she felt stifled. Unfortunately, where she lives, psychic abilities carry a stigma and many people fear her; she’s been ridiculed and ostracized.

In Willow’s corner is Yvonne, her aunt’s partner, who I really admire. Yvonne views the world in a positive way and believes in reaffirming hope, love and growth by practicing affirmations. Her words of wisdom are, “Follow your dreams.” Yvonne and Willow have a strong bond that is evident throughout the story.

Here is an excerpt from “Sandcastles” that I really like:

“Her challenging gaze and teasing question stirred me in a strange, unsettling way. It tickled the dormant parts of me, somehow reaching down into my soul and bringing me out of the depths of a sensual hibernation I didn’t realize I had even entered.”

The author’s descriptions of character traits and relationships are crystal clear and the story easily captures and keeps your attention throughout. Suzie inspires us with wisdom and humor alike. Her storytelling is remarkable and connects the reader to the characters – as well as to herself. If you haven’t read any of Suzie’s books, get started right away! I highly recommend “Sandcastles”, especially if you’re in the mood to be drawn toward the private beach of your own imagination.

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In this inspiring video, Suzie speaks about her insights. “The Beautiful Fragility of Life”

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ISBN: 978-0986388101

Publisher: Sunny Bee Books

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