Ruthless by Venus ReisingRuthless by Venus Reising had a unique layout to it which kept me engaged and entertained. It starts in the beginning with the story of Jackeline Realston.

Jacks has become a private investigator after resigning from the police force. She’s haunted by the fact her partner died and the blood is on her hands.

Jacks is hired by a wealthy woman named Beatrice Wainwright to find her daughter-in-law Cassandra Wainwright who has been missing for the last few months. Jacks tracks Cassandra down to a whole in the wall bar where she finds her working, more like posing, as a bartender under the name Callie Winters.

When the gorgeous Callie Winters asks Jacks out on a date Jacks is caught off guard. But alas like any woman after my own heart she can’t resist and accepts to go out on date with the woman she is supposed to be returning to her family. When Jacks arrives for their evening things go south quickly. She is thrust into a world of drugs and deceit, and now she wonders what is really going on. She is slowly finding out that this is so much more than a simple missing person’s case.

The Characters

Jackeline Realston could be described as the stone cold butch. She has been “going through it” ever since her partner on the force died. While I’m not big on brooding butches I was ok with her. I admired that she never turned to substance abuse.

Cassandra Wainwright aka Callie Winters was my favorite character. She is written as a strong fem who isn’t afraid to take the lead. That is my favorite type of fem. She never gives up on Jacks and her willingness to go at practically less than a snail’s pace with Jacks is endearing.

The Writing Style

The pacing worked nicely for me. It was interesting that the book was written in three parts. Part one is all of Jacks’ perspective and story. Part two backtracks and starts at Cassandra’s beginning and her perspective. I really enjoyed that aspect of the book.

The Pros

My favorite thing to do is to solve mysteries. There were so many fun mysteries to solve sprinkled throughout the book, I had a grand ol’ time trying to solve them.

The Cons

I don’t have any real cons.

The Conclusion

If you are someone like me who loves a good mystery this would be a fun and engaging book.

Excerpt from Ruthless by Venus Reising

“No!” Cassie said, struggling to control the volume of her voice. Her objection reverberated over the steady rhythmical beat of the men marching toward Jacks. Sahar pried Cassie’s fingers from the metal vent cover despite the fact that she was squeezing with every ounce of strength she had available. Ignoring Cassie’s protest, Sahar pulled the cover back in place.

It felt instantaneous— the gunshot and Sahar’s hand covering Cassie’s mouth. A scream stopped by Sahar’s palm.

“Let’s take her back to B.W,” a deep male voice said. And then Cassie heard something heavy being dragged from the room.

They waited— as still as statues. Cassie’s tears slid down Sahar’s knuckles, her palm still tightly cupping Cassie’s mouth and chin.

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  • ISBN number: 9781594934896
  • Publisher: Bella Books Inc.

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