Running From Forever by K AtenRunning From Forever by K. Aten is a supernatural romance that shows us escaping love’s grasp is not so easy when it belongs to a person that could, literally, love you forever.

Sarah Colby has always run from commitment. Since her parents’ death and she was left to raise her younger sister, Sarah doesn’t want to ever have to feel that kind of pain again. So, she decides to live her life, follow her musical dreams and keep her heart under lock and key. After being on the road for more than a year she begins to yearn for some stability and returns home to live with her sister, Annie. When she meets Annie’s boss, Nobel Keller, she’s immediately drawn to the woman’s youthful good looks and dangerous charisma. Both women expect to come out of their one night of passion unscathed. Instead neither woman can seem to get the other out of their system. Sarah finds herself aching for Keller’s touch, an ache she’s never felt with anyone before. She hopes she can convince Keller to have a repeat performance without any strings. However, the second night shows Sarah the true price of passion.

Will Keller be able to convince Sarah their attraction resides beyond the physical? Or will Sarah run from a future of unlimited possibilities with Keller by her side?

The Characters

Anna: Even though Sarah and Keller are the leads, this story feels more like an ensemble cast. We have Sarah’s sister, Annie, who is also a lesbian but has a different mindset than Sarah about love. She believes in finding that one, true love. Yet Sarah, runs from and shoots down the very idea of love. It was actually frustrating at times, especially when it seemed like Sarah had accepted the idea of a relationship Keller, only to retreat back to her old ways. But that’s what Annie is there for. She’s the voice of reason because she the more romantic of the two. It’s her role as the sister to show support but also kick Sarah in the ass when she’s being stubborn, and I love that. We also get introduced to Annie’s girlfriend, Jesse, who is just as sweet as Annie, and is rooting for the HEA for Sarah and Keller. What I love about all these characters is that they are well developed and intricate to helping Sarah and Keller navigate the obstacles that pop up when a human and a supernatural being decide to have a relationship.

Michelle: I agree Anna, this book has a fabulous ensemble cast. Annie and Jesse were well realized characters and added much of the humour and sweetness to the story. However, I adore Sarah, after all she is a musician (insert swoon here). Her early years were full of heartache and responsibility after a devastating tragedy. Having endured so much pain and sacrifice in her past, all she wants for the future are freedom and good times. This made her hesitancy to get involved with Keller very authentic. I thought Keller was brilliantly developed as well and a perfect match for Sarah. Also molded by a dark past, Keller has spent much of her life taking what she needs to survive from a slew of different women. But when their paths cross, sparks meet gasoline and ignite the scorching hot flames of passion. It is a wild ride watching their relationship develop.

The Writing Style

Anna: There was a lot of time compression in this story, and that’s something that can be either hit or miss with me. In this case it was definitely spot on. The story didn’t drag at any point, and I was given the right amount of details at the right time. It moved the story at a nice little clip that I didn’t feel rushed nor slowed down, in addition to keeping my expectations and anticipations high on what was going to happen next.

Michelle: I agree, the book moves along at a perfect pace. Aten weaves together a wonderful mix of comedic discourse, a heaping helping of angst, and frequent, sizzling sex scenes that keep you thoroughly engaged throughout the book. I never found my attention straying from the page. I also found the backstories of the main characters were well introduced providing a great depth to them and what motivates their actions.

The Pros

Anna: I really liked Aten’s take on the vampire lore. She makes Keller more of a hybrid between a vampire and a succubus. It was really unique and also added some really interesting traits to Keller’s overall character instead of just having her be this lustful bloodsucking monster preying on unsuspecting victims.

Michelle: I totally agree with Anna on the different vampire lore. I loved it. I also loved the slightly different take on werewolves. I am quite sad that there is nothing resembling the Temple du Loup in my neck of the woods. A bar with Steampunk Saturdays sounds like my kind of bar! In addition to the refreshing paranormal aspects of the book, I would be remiss to omit that this book is smoking hot. I thought my Kindle was going to spontaneously combust. Seriously, keep a fire extinguisher handy…a fan nearby…and maybe some ice. You’ll need it!

The Cons

Anna: I really wanted to know the motive behind the attacks. While we did get a definitive resolution to it, we were never given a reason why they were happening. Granted it was implied that they were hate crimes, but motive was never officially given. I just feel if there’s a conflict where people are getting hurt, it does well to give a motive as to why these things were happening to give the reader a solid resolution.

Michelle: That is a great point Anna, I would have liked to know a bit more about the perpetrators of the hit and runs and their motivations as well.

annas favourite booksThe Conclusion

Anna: This was a fun supernatural story that had a lot of interesting takes on vampire lore and a great love story at the center of it. This was my first book by Aten, and it definitely won’t be my last. Pick this one up today if you’re looking for a new look at vampires, werewolves, and characters that keep you entertained and in suspense until the very end.

Michelle: There is so much to love about this book. The depth of its characters, the humourous dialogue, Aten’s unique twists on vampire and werewolf lore and the incredible heat factor of the romance make this a wildly exciting read. You should definitely check this book out. The very real risk of spontaneous combustion is well worth it.

Excerpt from Running From Forever by K. Aten

Sarah left Voodoo Pony and went to sit at the main bar of Spin, right across from the dance floor. After ordering her drink, she hopped up on a vacated stool to observe the milling chaos around her. The band had done a good job drawing a crowd and Spin was packed with people left over from the show. She scanned the large group of mostly twenty-something women and shook her head in disgust.

“God, I feel so old!” Sarah sucked in a breath when she noticed a familiar blonde head across the dance floor. She knew Keller was off duty and from what she could see the bar manager would not stay much longer. She had a leggy brunette grinding into her ass and her face was a study of hot pleasure.

Suddenly Keller looked up and straight across the packed room. A wave of goose bumps marched over Sarah’s skin. The singer was taken aback by the fact that Keller’s gaze seemed so remote. Then, just as fast as the two dancers appeared in Sarah’s line of sight they were gone again. The music changed to an even faster beat and she caught a glimpse of Keller and her companion heading out the door.

Sarah felt immediate pain at what she had just witnessed. She was angry with Keller and more than a little hurt by the other woman’s actions. More so though, she was angry at Keller’s indifference. Not that Sarah expected any sort of loyalty after a one night stand, however it would be nice if Keller didn’t appear to look right through her. Sarah jumped off her stool and headed for the door to go home. She was going to do her best to put Keller out of her head.

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