Royal Rebel by Jenny FrameRoyal Rebel by Jenny Frame is the second book in her A Royal Romance Story series. You don’t have to read A Royal Romance to enjoy Royal Rebel, but fans of the first will be happy to hear that George and Bea are back and stronger than ever.

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Jenny Frame’s ever since Sheena convinced me to listen to Courting the Countess. That’s why she just had to ask me to write a joint review for this book.

This book is about Princess Rozala of Denbourg and Lennox King. Roza is known far and wide as the “royal rebel,” famous for her partying and womanizing ways. When her latest relationship with a much older woman leads to a major international scandal, Roza is sent to stay with her cousin Queen George and her Consort, Beatrice, in the United Kingdom.

When Bea sends Roza to work at a hospice charity (and actually work, not just smile for photo ops), Roza is less than thrilled, and she’s not the only one. Lennox King has worked hard to overcome the demons that pursued her through her old career in finance and the last thing she wants is to have to babysit a spoiled brat like Princess Rozala. The attraction between the women is undeniable, but can they overcome Lennox’s past and the differences in their stations?

Roza’s ex also complicates things when it turns out that she is a criminal who is into some really bad things.

The Characters

Tara: Ooh, there are soooo many good characters in this book, it’s hard to know who to talk about! I mean, Lex is the perfect tortured hunky butch, and watching that beast get tamed is delicious. I didn’t connect as much with Roza, but I still enjoyed her arc very much and was blown away by the difference in who she is at the end from who she is at the beginning. It was great to reconnect with George and Bea because I enjoyed their book very much, but my favourite side character was Roza’s security chief, Major Ravn. She can guard my body anytime…

Sheena: What Tara said. Plus the chemistry that Frame evokes is crazy. How is she this good?

The Writing Style

Tara: I really enjoyed how Jenny Frame wrote this book. The style is really easygoing even when it deals with difficult subjects, and the sex writing is super hot.

Sheena: Frame’s stories are easy to follow and really engaging. She stands head and shoulders above a number of the romance authors and it’s easy to see why she is quickly making a name for herself in lesfic romance.

There is also a little bit of a twist at the end of the story that provided some fun drama. It was something I was not expecting and I was pleased with the way it was handled.

I also want to share a conversation that Tara and I had when we had both finished listening to this audiobook.  Tara said to me that she wished that Frame would write erotica because she really enjoyed the sex scenes in this book.

The Narration

Tara: I love Nicola Victoria Vincent. Love, love, love her. I need to go find more books that she’s narrated because her voice is fantastic and I love how she handles voicing different characters.

Sheena: Vincent is the perfect narrator for Frame’s books and I hope they continue to have a long and happy relationship so that I can get tons more from the duo.

The Pros

Tara: Roza’s character arc was the best aspect of the book for me. Oh, and Major Ravn. She’s a major (heh) pro for me.

Sheena: lol Tara – that was adorably cheesy. But true. I was kinda bummed that the Ravn was already married because I wanted to see her starring in her own romance. But this is exactly what Frame does. She gets me so invested in the characters, even the side ones, that I just want to see more and more.

I also love the title of the book. It’s so cute.

The Cons

Tara: I was occasionally frustrated by Lex while she was in the process of being tamed. Thankfully she eventually made up for it!

Sheena: Jenny Frame romances are like an addiction. They are so good and fill me with endorphins, making me crave more. Darn it, Frame – write faster.

sheena's favouriteThe Conclusion

Tara: I really enjoyed Royal Rebel! Courting the Countess is still my favourite Jenny Frame book, but I’m glad I checked this one out and recommend it. If you’re a fan of romance, you’ll enjoy this book.

Sheena: This is an awesome romance. I do suggest you start with the first book in the series, A Royal Romance because you will get more satisfaction from the side story of Bea and George (the main characters from the first book). But this is a really good stand alone too. And the audiobook is epic, so I would listen to it if I were you. But I highly recommend it. So go get it. Right. Now.

Excerpt from Royal Rebel by Jenny Frame

Roza felt the need to talk, and despite the fact that conversation probably wasn’t her strong suit, Major Ravn would have to do. “Major Ravn–you’re married?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

One-word answers. Great.

“My brother says you have two little children too.”

Ravn looked at her with a hint of suspicion. Prince Augustus had obviously briefed the major on Roza’s penchant for gaining leverage through personal friendships with her staff.

“Don’t worry, Major. I know what my brother probably told you about me, but believe me I’m only interested to get to know you since we’re going to be together a great deal.”

Ravn hesitated, then said, “Yes, they are ten and five.”

“That’s nice. Are they going to visit you a lot when we go to the UK?”

“My wife and children are coming with me. I’ve rented a house in London for them. I couldn’t be without my family.”

“Wow. Your wife’s very lucky to have you.”

Major Ravn took off her sunglasses and put them in her top suit pocket, before making her position clear in the nicest possible way. “I’m the lucky one. My wife and children are everything to me and there’s nothing in this world that could change that, ma’am.”

Roza’s heart sank. Everyone had such a low opinion of her, and that made her feel sad. No one really knew who she was, not even her brother any more.

She plastered on a smile and said, “That’s nice. You sound like a real loyal person, Major.”

I am, both personally and professionally. I can assure you that you will be well protected. No one will get through me.”

“Great.” Rosa sighed, leaned her head against the car window, and stared out at the passing scenery. Denbourg’s ancient capital of Battendorf was alive with people going to and from work, laughing and having fun, or shopping together.

Tears started to roll down her cheeks. They are free.

Freedom was something she would never have, especially after her recent transgressions. This state car might as well be a prison van taking her to her punishment.

Cressida being replaced as lady-in-waiting was the last straw.

They might be keeping me under lock and key, but I’m going to make as much noise as I can, and you’re going to hear it, Father.

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 9781626398931
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
  • Narrator: Nicole Victoria Vincent

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Note: I received a free review copy of Royal Rebel by Jenny Frame. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion I refuse to review books.

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