Ride the Wave by Natasha West is a lesbian romcom that takes place on a cruise ship.

Natalie Silver’s job is okay, except she has a new, gorgeous boss who everyone loves and it makes Natalie uncomfortable. The worst part? Natalie had been approached to take on the role and turned it down, and now she has to sit there and watch Eden and her fabulousness.

At least Natalie will get away from Eden for a bit, since her sister is sending her on a lesbian singles’ cruise. Does she want to go on a cruise? Not really. But it will give her a chance to relax and not have to think about how much more beautiful Eden is than her. That is, until she learns Eden is on the cruise too.

Eden is still smarting from the end of her last relationship and hopes the cruise will help her get over it. She may not be the prettiest or most interesting woman, but surely someone will be interested in her.

Eden is in for the shock of a lifetime when she bumps into Natalie. The same Natalie she has a crush on and who’s extra intimidating at work. Of course, a bunch of quirky lesbians who all just want to find love are on the cruise too, and some of them are into Natalie and Eden.

Maybe they can work out their differences once and for all while they’re aboard and even explore the attraction that’s been simmering between them…

The Characters

I found both characters hard to connect with at first because they’re deeply insecure and run themselves down a lot. Neither woman can see how amazing she is, even though that was all the other could think about her. However, I’m glad that they’re both insecure, because it keeps them on equal footing. Did it lead to Natalie being kind of a jerk to Eden? Sure. But they both came around and it was lovely to see them each accept the other’s perception of them.

The Writing Style

West has a super easygoing, fun and funny style to her writing, which made this an easy book to read. Now I’m wondering if all the lesbian cruises have this kind of drama, with all the different personalities!

The Pros

This book made me laugh out loud. And honestly, that’s exactly what I needed this week.

The Cons

Some of the scenes are written from the perspective of one of the characters and then it flips to the other character’s and re-runs the whole scene. I found this confusing in spots because I thought the story was continuing when it was actually backtracking.

The Conclusion

If you’re looking for a really fun book to read, check out Ride the Wave! It’s cute and funny, and I hope it makes you laugh as much as it did for me.

Excerpt from Ride the Wave by Natasha West

Natalie tried to ignore the scene, starting up her exit speech. ‘So, anyway, I’m feeling kind of…’ But before she could get to the excuse part – something about feeling funny from the bisque – she heard a voice say, ‘Maybe another time.’ Something about the voice snagged Natalie’s ear, a familiarity. Natalie turned to it to see its owner. As her eyes found the speaker, her mouth dropped open. She stood and began to drift toward the woman, to confirm or deny what her slightly drunk eyes were telling her. Before she knew it, she was only a foot away from Eden Tyler.

‘What the hell?!’ Natalie said to herself. But it was louder than she thought because Eden spun around. They were now eyeball to eyeball.

‘Natalie?’ Eden exclaimed.

‘Err… I… Hi,’ Natalie said, trying to collect herself.

‘Hi,’ Eden said, her eyes round with surprise. ‘I didn’t… This is… Wow.’ Eden shook herself. ‘Sorry, I’m sort of taken aback.’

‘Me too,’ Natalie said, her hypnotic state starting to melt. ‘I hadn’t realised… I mean, I didn’t even know that you…’

‘Same here,’ Eden replied. ‘I mean, if you were going to say what I think you were going to say, which is that I wouldn’t have expected you to go on a singles cruise and that I didn’t know you liked women.’

‘That’s pretty much right,’ Natalie stuttered. Classic Eden, always one step ahead. Even now.

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