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This page is aimed at helping you find the best fanfic reads. These are the main categories that we have for FanFics. When you click on one of the links it will take you to all our reviews in that category.

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Please note: These are the general categories that we will be reviewing in. We are still early in the review process so we don’t have reviews for all these categories yet. If you have a great recommendation for a fanfic that fits something we don’t have them email me on 


Cannon: A story that is set in such a way that it fits in with exactly what exists in the original story.

Non-Cannon: A story that is set in such a way that it differs with what exists in the original story.


Fanfic Setting

Alternative Universe: A story set in a universe that is different from the original story

Alternative Reality: This is a story that takes place in the same universe as the original story but things are different in this reality than in the original.

Alternate Timeline: A story that is set in a different time than the original story.

All Human: Fan fiction where all the characters are depicted as human even the ones who are not human in the original version


A story about falling in love.

Romance Level

Dramatic Romance (with lots of angst): Do they break up and feel miserable? If yes then it’s a dramatic romance. If no then it’s a sweet romance.

Sweet Romance (with little angst): Do they break up and feel miserable? If yes then it’s a dramatic romance. If no then it’s a sweet romance.

Slow Burn: A romance where the attraction and getting together takes the entire book to develop. It’s slow, sometimes painfully so.

Romcom: A romantic comedy is a piece of fiction that focuses on a romance story in a lighthearted way with the idea that true love can overcome anything. This is part of the comedy genre and is light and funny.

Romantic Subplot: A romance that is connected with but less important than the main plot in a story. A secondary part of the story and not the main focus. (Choose this if it is only a small plot point)

Romantic Suspense: Romantic suspense is any genre of romance that features a prominent mystery, suspense or thriller plot.

Romance Pairing

Butch/Femme: A butch woman and femme fall in love.

Butch/Butch: Two butch women fall in love.

Femme/Femme: Two femme women fall in love.

Age Gap: Two leads with a significant age difference. 10 years or more. Or at very different phases of their lives, for example on is still studying and the other is a successful career woman.

Enemies To Lovers: The main theme of the romance is how they go from an antagonistic relationship to falling in love.

Friends To Lovers: A story where friends finally realise that they were meant to be together and fall in love.

Rich Girl/Poor Girl: Two women fall in love even though they are from vastly different financial backgrounds.

Romance Setting

Small Town: A story set in a small town and the setting is central to the story.

Trapped Together: They are stuck together unexpectedly and discover that they have feelings for one another.

Vacation: Finding love while on holiday (vacation). Maybe on a cruise, at a ski resort or in a mountain cabin.

Workplace: Finding love at work.

Romance Theme

Erotic Romance: A romance where there is a lot of sex but it is key to the story of falling in love and the sex scenes develop the romance.

Fauxmance or Marriage Of Convenience: Two women pretend to be married or in a relationship so that they can attain something they couldn’t without the relationship and then they realise that they are actually madly in love with one another.

Opposites Attract: Sometimes women who are complete opposites in personality, status and/or beliefs can complement one another and ultimately become a perfect match as they compensate for the other.

Second Chance: They broke up a long time ago and meet up again only to realise that the chemistry has never gone away.

Toaster Oven: This is an amusing take on the old school saying that a lesbian gets a toaster oven for “converting” a straight woman to lesbianism. Of course we know this is not usually the case, but we love the ridiculousness and celebrate it. Basically this trope comes about when a woman realises she is lesbian or bisexual after falling for another woman.


How much graphic intercourse/relations there is between women in this FanFic

No Graphic Physical Relations: Fade to black or no scenes involving physical relations

Tame/Euphemistic Physical Relations: On page descriptions but tame or euphemistic descriptions

Medium Heat Physical Relations: 1 to 3 graphic scenes of physical relations intended to titillate

Hot Physical Relations: Lots of on page and graphic descriptions intended to titillate

Physical Relations With Toys: Toys are used in a graphic manner

Physical Relations Includes BDSM: Physical relations includes bondage, discipline, spanking and all the sub categories that falls under the BDSM banner