Jean Stewart return to IsisReturn to Isis by Jean Stewart is a science fiction novel about Whit, a woman on a spy mission for Freeland when the brutal forces of Elysium find her.

She is saved by a battered and destitute farmer and doesn’t feel like she can leave the farmer to a certain death. There is danger, action and romance in this one.

I like to know what year novels were written before I read them, and this one piqued my interest because its original publishing date was 1992, which was a year after I was born. So I found it intriguing to see what the writing style would be like.

OK, now with that out of the way lets talk about the book! Being 2016, with the threat of ISIS looming over the world, it was curious that the book’s title was return to ISIS. Full disclosure it has nothing to do with them.

I don’t want to reveal too much about this book because it is a page turner. With each turn of the page you discover something new, new information to help you piece the puzzle together that is the story of Amelia, a young serf whose life is turned upside down when a ship crash lands in her potato fields. Together, her and a young Freeland Warrior, make an escape from the hell hole that is Elysium back to Freelandia. What is unsettling to Whit, the Freeland Warrior, is that this simple peasant is more capable than any Elysium. Who is this girl anyway, and where did she come from?

I highly recommend reading through this book twice because of all the mysteries and secrets that unfold, you miss a lot. When I went back to re-read the book I couldn’t help but smile to myself at all the clues the author had left behind.

The Characters

There were so many characters involved in this novel and the book was written from many perspectives. The author did an unbelievable job of making me feel in different ways towards characters. I felt true hate for a character and by the end I felt sorry for her. And to my surprise the character I found that I loved the most was neither of the main characters, it was actually the strong supporting lead Lilith.

The Writing Style

Two words: Rapidly paced. I am not one who is very keen on reading a plethora of adjectives, I like action, and this novel delivered. Not a dull moment, the first chapter had me giddy and excited for more.

The Pros

I was never bored reading this book. There was a bounty of characters; Stewart did a stunning job of developing some of the supporting rolls.

The Cons

I am not really sure what to put here, I enjoyed the whole novel. BUT! If I had to put something here, I would say I would have like to seen Whit’s character developed slightly more.

brooklyn's favouriteThe Conclusion

If you are looking for a book with action this is it. Jean Stewart did an amazing job cultivating my feelings towards one character to the next. I truly hated some of the characters I could feel my heart racing when the person I hated was speaking.

Excerpt from Return to Isis by Jean Stewart

“Seize the Invader,” she ordered harshly.

It took four women to wrestle Amelia down and keep her still long enough for Zoe to finally click the cuffs in place. All the while, Amelia yanked against the chains, whimpering, then fell back, exhausted, against the wall.

Zoe, her authority impugned, raised an arm and in a smooth arc backhanded Amelia across the face.

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  • ISBN number: 9781594931932
  • Publisher: Bella Books

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Note: I received a free review copy of Return to Isis by Jean Stewart for review. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion I refuse to review books.