the princess affair by nell starkThe Princess Affair by Nell Stark is the ultimate rich girl/poor girl romance with a royal princess falling in love with an American student. It’s sweet, fun, and has just the right amount of angst to tug on your heart without ruining your day.

Kerry Donovan is a Rhodes Scholar and the only academic in her blue collar, Irish-American family. When she arrives at Oxford, she’s in her element among the city’s history and architecture, far from her home in New York state. One night, after the princess Sasha fails to show up to speak to the new class of Scholars, Kerry goes to a new nightclub only to find her there, and quickly learns that she’s just Sasha’s type.

Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra Victoria Jane, aka “Sassy Sasha,” is the black sheep of the British royal family. Regularly in the tabloids for partying with different men on her arm, Sasha can’t get her father to take her or her fledgling party planning business seriously. She immediately finds herself drawn to Kerry, the one person who can see her true self, and it isn’t long before Sasha wants more.

The Characters

One of my favourite things about Kerry and Sasha is that they are perfect foils for each other, contrasting and complementing at the same time. Kerry can’t fathom why a royal princess would want to spend time with her while Sasha can’t believe that a Rhodes Scholar would actually take her seriously. They’ve both had to work tremendously hard, with Kerry making it all the way to Oxford and Sasha abandoning hope of ever gaining her father’s respect. They’re not the likeliest of partners, but it just works. Each has some growing to do, and they both have satisfying arcs that make them better for each other in the end.

The Writing Style

The Princess Affair has a clean, engaging style that makes it easy to sink in enjoy the story. Nell Stark includes a lot of setting, architectural and historic information, but without ever letting it get boring or feel like info dumping.

The Pros

The character development is superb, the romance adorable, and it has one heck of a great first kiss.

The Cons

None! I can’t even complain about needing more Kerry and Sasha, because they’re also in The Princess and the Prix and a few short story collections.

taras favourite lesbian bookslise-faveThe Conclusion

The Princess Affair is one of my favourite romances and lives on my reread list. It gives me a happy sigh every time and I highly recommend it.


Excerpt from The Princess Affair by Nell Stark

As her panic escalated, Kerry finally decided to be honest. “How does it feel to know that everyone in the room is looking at you?”

Sasha’s eyes widened slightly, and then she laughed. “I’m accustomed to it. But I think you’re wrong. At least half of them are looking at you.”

Kerry didn’t particularly want to think about that, and she kept her eyes firmly trained on Sasha’s face. Not that that was a hardship. “Only because I’m fortunate enough to be sharing a drink and conversation with the Princess Royal.”

“Wrong again.” A mischievous smile played around the corners of Sasha’s lips. “I haven’t been able to stop looking at you since you arrived.”

The confession momentarily robbed Kerry of her breath. “That’s…well, that’s very flattering.”

Sasha polished off the contents of her glass and returned it to the bar, never once breaking their gaze. “I want you to wait right here for a few minutes.” The words were soft, but they held an edge of command that made Kerry’s heart pound even faster. “Can you do that for me?”


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