Portrait of a Wedding by E.L. BossertPortrait of a Wedding by E.L. Bossert is a timely small-town romance about love conquering all.

Mic loves Ruby and Ruby loves Mic. They are excited to be planning a wedding that’s perfect for them. They want their friends and family to participate in their joy. The only professional photographer in their small town of Summit refuses to take pictures at their ceremony because he feels a woman marrying another is morally wrong. Their friends and family show nothing but support when Mic decides to file an official complaint against the photographer. Will the law be on their side or will prejudice ruin their special day?

The Characters

Both Mic and Ruby felt like familiar friends. They remind me of the women in my life. They are simple women and I don’t mean that in a derogatory way. They are two women in love, secure in their partnership with no drama going on to threaten the love they share.

Mic is down to earth. She’s got a big heart and leads her life secure in who she is. She’s a compassionate woman who feels that everyone is entitled to a second chance. Ruby is more of a spitfire. Riding her motorcycle to and from work, she isn’t one to mince words. She is absolutely devoted to Mic and doesn’t care who knows it. Their devotion to each other showed me that the two of them could conquer anything, despite small minds and hardened hearts.

The Writing Style

The story is written in the third person from both Mic and Ruby’s point of view. The dialogue and the plot are as straightforward as the two main characters. The novella feels like a biography because it presents the events and challenges leading up to Mic and Ruby’s wedding in a way that feels personal.

The Pros

This novella takes a personal story and drops it into the national conversation about marriage equality. For some, this debate is a large political talking point; a rallying cry for people who seek to dehumanize and disenfranchise the LGBTQ community. The strength of this story is that it takes the larger conversation and makes it personal. Mic and Ruby’s journey points out that the men and women who are discriminated against are just everyday people. They aren’t necessarily bold activists. Mic and Ruby know right from wrong and decide that if they stand up to close-minded bigots, it might make it easier for the men and women following in their footsteps. Bossert writes a relatable story without it feeling preachy.

The Cons

Not a one.

The Conclusion

This is a lovely, small town romance. The main characters are “mature” and goodness knows, I love seeing women closer to my age represented in romance novels. I adore E.L. Bossert so I jumped at the chance to read her latest work. It did not disappoint. What could be better than a book that kicks off with a marriage proposal? EL, if you’re reading this, please get your next book out. This fan is not known for her patience.

Excerpt from Portrait of a Wedding by E.L. Bossert

Everyone in the diner, including Mic, knew the answer to Ruby’s questions. Mic also recognized the crowd was expecting an impromptu performance. She sighed dramatically.

“Well, I think I’m gonna need a big piece of paper and a pen.” Mic pursed her lips, shaking her head slowly from side to side, looking around at the assembled audience. “Need to draw up a list of pros and cons on this one. Anyone have something for me to write on?”

A woman at a nearby table began to rummage through an oversized handbag.

“Ah, that’s okay,” Mic shrugged, “I’ll just use the board.” She made a great show of striding behind the counter and wiping the daily specials off the chalkboard with the sleeves of her work shirt. Retrieving a short piece of chalk, she wrote PRO and CON at the top of two columns on the board.

“Let’s see, pro…” Mic’s tanned, calloused hand scratched her head through short sandy hair. She grimaced with exaggerated strain. “Ruby is incredibly kind and thoughtful.” Mic wrote kind + thoughtful on the board.

“Compassionate, hard-working, smart, creative,” Mic printed quickly but legibly as she spoke. “Definitely good looking, no question about that. And she’s younger than me by a few years, so maybe she’ll take care of me in my old age.” Mic stopped to wink at Ruby, then slowly scratched her head again while feigning an exaggerated grimace with her face. “Someone want to help me out here?” Mic pleaded to the room of friends and family.

“Darn good cook,” came an answer from one side of diner.

“I’m not sure if that will get you a free lunch today, but I agree,” Mic called back to the delight of her audience.

“You already live together, you might as well make it official,” County Sheriff Maggie McGraw offered from her usual seat at the counter.

“Okay, that’s a pretty long list, plus she loves my dog. Now, con…con…hum…thinking…don’t rush me.” Mic closed her eyes tight, scrunching up her face as the gathered group chuckled at the false suspense. “I got nothing. Anyone?”

“You two are perfect for each other,” the postal carrier, taking her afternoon break to join the festivities, yelled across the room.

“I think you are correct, Harper.” Mic sauntered to the center of the diner where Ruby stood indulgently waiting through the production. Mic drew a deep breath. “Ruby Maria Sanchez, I would be most honored to marry you and be your spouse.”

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