The Pirate And Her Captive by Victoria VoThe Pirate And Her Captive by Victoria Vo is a steamy little erotic romance.

We start the story with Sarah determinedly deciding to tell her captor exactly what he can do with his chamber pot the next time she sees him. I mean who does he think he is making her, the daughter of a wealthy man, clean up behind him? (See the excerpt for the beginning)

Petra has never forgotten her first love, even if all they ever did was share one kiss. And now she will do anything to be in control, even kidnapping. But perhaps what she really wants is to lose control entirely.

The Pros

This is a teeny tiny book but I loved every word. It’s gorgeously written and for such a small book it certainly packs a punch.

The characters were well done, the writing was superb and for such a small story with so much erotic content I was surprised by how well the romance was done and how full the characters were.

The Cons

Eliza Andrews and LT wrote this together under the name Victoria Vo and they have not released another volume. This makes my heart sad.

The Conclusion

sheena's favouriteIf you want a great read about pirates and captives, that is sweet and spicy then this is your next buy. Be aware that you will crave more and want another book, though.

Excerpt from The Pirate And Her Captive by Victoria Vo

Tonight. Tonight would be the night Sarah would stand up for herself, would tell the awful pirate captain that she did not care if she was his captive or no — she would not accept this type of treatment.  She would strike hard and fast where it would hurt the captain the most — his purse.

Did he know nothing of the unwritten rules of kidnapping a noble? She could be confined to her quarters, yes; fed the fare of a common sailor, yes; but she could not be mistreated if he expected to receive a full ransom for her. If the captain treated her as a lady, returned her home as if he had saved her rather than kidnapped her, then Sarah’s father would feign ignorance and thank the captain for “finding” his daughter with a healthy sum of gold.  

That was how these things were supposed to work. So far, the pirate captain hadn’t allowed his men to lay their hands on Sarah, but being treated as the captain’s maidservant was nearly as humiliating.  Tonight she would deliver the only threat that might actually make the vile man listen — continue to treat her as a servant and she would tell her father her unpaid wages must first be subtracted from the ransom the captain demanded. This is what Sarah thought as she scrubbed the deck of the rocking ship while the sailors laughed and teased her. This is what Sarah thought as she tipped the captain’s chamberpot overboard. 

This is what Sarah thought as she laundered the captain’s trousers and hung them outside his quarters to dry.

As these thoughts crowded her mind, one thought kept returning to the surface to push the other thoughts away:  “You’re spoiled and you deserve a humbling experience.”

A girl had said that to her once.  The stable master’s daughter.  

Well, Petra, if only you could see me now, Sarah thought.  If only you knew what happened to my family, what happened to me, after you left.  If only you hadn’t left, maybe I —

Sarah clenched her teeth against the thought. No. She would not think about her right now. Things were hard enough. 

“We sail east,” a gruff voice boomed from the other side of the deck. “I know how to handle a storm at sea.”

Sarah looked eastward. Thunderheads gathered on the horizon there, inky black and ominous.

Great. Now his ego was putting all their lives in danger. The storm in the east made Sarah even more determined to give him a piece of her mind.

Not that she hadn’t tried to put him in his place before. The last time had been a week ago, when she confronted him about the indignity of the chamberpot.

“If I am to be a proper captive,” she’d fumed on that occasion, “then I should not be the one to empty your — ”

But before she could even get the full sentence from her mouth, he’d interrupted her.

“What do you think of this?” he asked, turning from the desk with a quill in his hand. “‘Where does the sky end and her eyes begin? / When her tears disappear beneath the rise of seafoam, / And the moon shines upon the wet ropes of her hair…’”  The captain looked up. “I don’t know how to finish it.”

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