Pink by KD WilliamsonPink by KD Williamson is a lesbian drama about finding your way after heartbreak. I want to say up front that it’s not a romance because I know most readers will know Williamson from her Cops and Docs romance series.

Shawnna Green’s life is a mess. After her longterm relationship crashed and burned, she’s getting a fresh start in New Orleans. Because she’s broke and can’t find employment as a social worker, she’s living with her best friend, Veda, who helps her get a job working at Stumpy’s Sex Emporium.

Moving on is hard when her ex keeps calling, but things seem to be looking up when Shawn makes a friend with benefits who teaches her the ways of Tinder. Finding her new normal is fun at first, but Shawn quickly learns that there can be too much of a good thing when doesn’t recognize herself anymore.

The Characters

One of KD Williamson’s greatest strengths is her character work and Pink is no exception. Shawn is a complex woman who takes us on quite the journey. I actually disliked her for a good chunk of the book, and flat out hated her at times for her behaviour. But because I’ve loved Williamson’s other books and know she’s a master at character growth, I stuck it out and am I ever glad I did. Shawn is a very different person by the end of the book, having grown in ways that are satisfying to watch.

Veda is not only my favourite side character of Pink, she might be my favourite of all of Williamson’s side characters. She’s a wonderful friend to Shawn and yet is also true to herself. May we all have a Veda in our lives.

The Writing Style

Pink takes us through all of the emotions. I already mentioned that I was angry at times, but I also found myself laughing at some of the hijinks that happen at Stumpy’s, and heartbroken for Shawn and what she went through. At only 164 pages, it’s a shorter novel, but the emotional range means you still get a lot of bang for your buck.

The Pros

The character work was top notch and by far my favourite element of Pink. There’s also a scene with a soccer mom who comes into Stumpy’s and… just trust me when I say it’s worth the price of the book alone.

The Cons


The Conclusion

If you’re looking for a break from romances and want to read something different, give Pink a try. I guarantee it’s a book you won’t forget.

Excerpt from Pink by KD Williamson

Shawn loved the sounds of downtown New Orleans. The tangy smell of garbage and vomit, not so much. While New Orleans had its charm, Metairie was more her speed. Their townhouse and the surrounding area was cleaner, quieter, and, she hoped, safer.

“I know this isn’t where you expected to be in life, but keep telling yourself that it’s temporary. It’s easier to find a job when you already have one, even if it’s shitty. On the bright side, it’s an easy job. You don’t have to go all Vanna White with the merchandise. Just take their money. Most of them get tokens to go in the back anyway.”

“Eww, that’s…” Shawn refused to get caught up in the particulars. “It is just temporary, isn’t it?”

Veda nodded. “It is, but don’t put it on your resume.”

The little speech should have emboldened Shawn, but it didn’t. All she could think about was how she’d arrived at this moment. Like a well-deflated balloon, she sank in on herself. She was in a new city, with a new job, and a new life, which was a lot to wrap her head around. Despite having Veda, it was going to take a while to get settled, and a couple weeks wasn’t nearly long enough. “She’s gonna hire me right? There’s no reason not to, especially with your recommendation.”

Veda’s eyebrows shot up on her forehead. “You used to be confident…hell, even cocky, and now you’re like mashed potatoes.”

That stung, but it was the truth. “Ugh, thank you so much, I feel like I can take on the world now.”

“You know what I mean. I’m not saying that to be an ass. You need some—”

“Truth. Yeah, I know.” Shawn needed to get away from this subject, otherwise she was going to be a mess for the interview. Nowadays, she was way more emotional than she used to be.

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