Perfect Timing by Dena BlakePerfect Timing by Dena Blake is an age gap romance with a little second chance twist. This romance is all about taking a chance at love.

Maggie Randall fled Baltimore four years ago after kissing her best friend’s aunt, but four years in Boston hasn’t dulled her feelings at all.

Lynn Monroe finally has a life she is happy with after her divorced. She’s not looking for any kind of relationship, definitely not one with her niece’s best friend Maggie.

Now Maggie is an intern at the hospital Lynn works at and now Lynn is divorced, she’s ready to give things a try. Of course, she’ll have to contend with Lynn’s ex wife Beth who just happens to be the Head of Surgery at the same hospital.

The Characters

Maggie is driven to succeed. She’s been focusing on becoming a doctor for years and she’s almost there; she just needs to get through her internship and residency. Romance is not a complication she needs, but she has been in love with Lynn for years. We meet her on her very first day of her internship and I couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for her after she got vomited on and spent her first day smelling like last week’s lunch. Maggie’s crush on Lynn is somewhere between adorable and pathetic, but she manages to pull it off.

Lynn is so relatable for me. She has finally got things to a place where she’s happy with them when Maggie shows back up and puts all of that in danger. She has what I would call and unhealthy obsession with pound cake but each to their own. I immediately wanted Lynn to have her happy ending, she deserved it. She had been through so much already, from the niece dumped on her doorstep to raise to the ex-wife who she spent years pleasing. It was clear Lynn needed something for herself. 

The Writing Style

I love reading Blake’s dialogue, it makes her characters jump off the page as if they’re arguing right in front of you, and boy do these characters have plenty of opportunities for argument. I won’t spoil your enjoyment by recounting them here, but there is plenty of tension and disagreement to keep the conversation going.

From their first interaction there are plenty of obstacles getting in the way of this happily ever after, but it never feels repetitive. It has a little slower burn than I would usually enjoy, particularly given the story is building on an established relationship. However, that just made it that much more enjoyable when Maggie and Lynn finally jump in.

The Pros

I love a good medical setting and I love a good second chance story so there was a lot for me to love about this book. Opening up this book felt a little like watching Grey’s Anatomy for the first time. This little group of misfit interns nervously settling into hospital life. Honestly, if you’ve ever looked at season 1 of Grey’s Anatomy and thought it would be better if there was a lesbian love story (I’ve definitely thought that) then you’ll enjoy this as much as I did.

The Cons

The biggest con for me was that there didn’t feel like there was quite enough of the medical subplot for me to really sink my teeth into. As I said, I love books with a medical setting and part of the enjoyment is the nitty gritty hospital drama which Blake glossed over a little bit in favor of the romance.

The Conclusion

This is the kind of romance I could breeze through within a couple of days, it isn’t too heavy on the drama and it’s very easy to keep turning page after page just to see how they get out of their latest issue.

If you’re looking for some relatable characters you can root for, or you love a nice age gap romance then this is well worth a read.

Excerpt from Perfect Timing by Dena Blake

Carrie answered after the second ring. “Hey, Auntie. What’s up?”

“What do you mean, what’s up? How was your first day?”

“Exhausting.” Carrie blew a sigh into the phone. “I thought med school was hard, but this is so much worse.”

“I warned you. From what Pam told me, you’re going to still get some scut work until you earn your place. She actually had to buys some poor intern’s lunch today because someone threw up on her and she forgot to grab her badge from her coat when she changed.”

“Oh my God. I’ve already heard this story.”

“What? Did that happen there too?”

Carrie chuckled. “No. The intern was Maggie.”

A rush of heat ripped through Lynn. “Maggie’s here? In Baltimore?” Lynn hadn’t see her since Maggie left for Boston.

“Yeah. I just got off the phone with her. Haven’t you seen her yet?”

“No. Why didn’t you tell me?” If she’d known, she would’ve been on the alert and her stress level would already be topping out.

“I’ve been so busy I forgot. I thought for sure she would’ve contacted you by now, but she’s probably been busier than me. I mean with moving and all.”

“Probably so.” Lynn was silent. She knew why Maggie hadn’t contacted her and was torn between being relieved and sad about the whole situation.

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