Out of The Flames by Stacy Lynn Miller: New Release

Newly minted San Francisco police detective Manhattan Sloane lets no one get close. Especially lovers.

Sloane has her reasons for keeping the world at arm’s length. But then her first childhood crush, DEA Agent Finn Harper, reappears and changes everything. Harper has arrived in San Francisco to investigate a new street drug weaving its way into the city―a drug that has personal ties for Sloane. The two find themselves thrown together as they team up to take down a ruthless cartel lord. Soon sparks fly as old feelings surface, forcing Sloane to face her past in order to build a new future.

Out of the Flames is the breakout debut novel by Stacy Lynn Miller. This is the first novel in the Manhattan Sloane romantic thriller series.



  • Title: Out of the Flames
  • Author: Stacy Lynn Miller
  • Release date: 15 April 2020
  • Publisher: Bella Books
  • Genre: Thriller, Romance 
  • Series: Manhattan Sloane Series (Book 1)
  • Special Note: Debut Novel


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Manhattan Sloane loves being a cop in the city until she learns the difference between law and justice. Broken and on the heels of a ruthless cartel drug lord, she must choose between revenge and her oath. How far will Sloane go to find justice? Who will stop her?