One Foot Onto The Ice by Kiki ArcherOne Foot Onto The Ice by Kiki Archer is a romance that asks the question – what happens when two former classmates get together years later and discover that they have an attraction?

Jenna James was the popular girl at St Wilfred’s all-girls school, now she is a Club Ski instructor. She enjoys her sport as she enjoys her women, fast and fun.

Susan Quinn was the girl who quiffed in the teacher’s face when she was at school. She was awkward and had trouble making friends. Now she is a teacher at her former school and is escorting some students on their ski trip.

When the two women meet again they cannot deny their attraction for one another but is it enough to make Jenna finally commit to something and will Susan realise that she needs to break out of her closet?

The Characters

The leads were fun and surprisingly deep considering that this is a relatively light romance. I liked that Archer didn’t go with some of the traditional tropes for the popular girl and the nerdy girl but gave it her own spin on the characters.

I enjoyed the varied cast and the side plots that some of the girls from the school got into.

In typical Archer style we have the male semi-antagonistic character who is arrogant, idiotic and downright awful at times. It was fun to watch him bumble about.

The Writing Style

I enjoy that Kiki Archer pretty much just does her own thing with the plot. The typical romantic pacing and story arcs aren’t there and if they are then they have a unique spin.

The Pros

I really enjoyed the fact that Jenna was a good guy throughout. There were times when I expected something awful to happen and it didn’t. It made me really like her character and want the two leads to get together.

A Heads Up

If you have a soft spot for men or don’t like to see them being depicted as one-track-minded buffoons then Kiki Archer books probably aren’t for you. If, on the other hand, you enjoy the occasional role reversal then pick up any Kiki Archer novel.

The Conclusion

I enjoyed this one more than I thought I would. The cover doesn’t depict the story well at all, making it look stuffy. It is, in fact, a sweet romance with a lot going on to keep you entertained. It is jam-packed with Archer’s witty, awkward and brilliant moments as well as sizzling hot romance.

I really did like this book and recommend it to anyone looking for a romance that really breaks the rules but gets the happy ever after anyway.

Excerpt from One Foot Onto The Ice by Kiki Archer

Here,” said Jenna, stepping forwards and taking control of the situation.

Susan breathed in the sweet smell of Jenna’s coconut suntan lotion, devastated by her ability to revert back to the nervous fumbling girl of her youth. “Looks like I’m the same old Susan,” she said.

As long as you don’t… Jenna stopped herself. A reference to the quiff this early on wasn’t appropriate.

“As long as I don’t what?” Susan froze. She remembers. Jenna James remembers. Of course she remembers. Her yearbook entry had her down as Susan Quiffy Quinn.

Jenna thought quickly. “As long as you don’t try and kiss me.” She nodded towards the coach at the girls peering down at their teacher. “We’re standing rather close.”

Jenna yanked the pen free and Susan stepped backwards. “Why on earth would I try and kiss you?”

“I’m just teasing,” said Jenna. “But we all had crushes on each other at school, didn’t we?”

Susan flattened her slightly static brown hair. “Well I certainly did not.” She saw Marcus approaching. “Not all women who go to girls’ schools end up like that.” She nodded towards her plump, ginger colleague. “I’m dating.”

Jenna didn’t turn around. Instead she fixed her eyes on her flustered classmate. “That’s a shame, because I did.”

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Note: I received a free review copy of One Foot Onto The Ice by Kiki Archer. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion I refuse to review books.

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