Once Ghosted Twice Shy by Alyssa ColeOnce Ghosted, Twice Shy by Alyssa Cole is a lovely rich girl/poor girl, second chance romance.

As the person who runs the Prince of Thesolo’s life, it’s rare for Likotsi Adelele to have a day off, so she’s determined to make the most of it. And because she’s having that day off in New York City, part of that means finally kicking the heartbreak she experienced the last time she was here. Likotsi’s put on a new pair of shoes and she’s pointing them to the future.

That’s the plan, anyway, but when Likotsi’s subway train is stalled, someone starts trying to Airdropping photos to her iPhone and that someone is none other than the lovely Fabiola. The same Fabiola who’d swiped right nine months prior. The woman who Likotsi’d shared a whirlwind romance with, only to have it all fall apart without warning.

Likotsi’s shoes may be pointed to the future, but maybe the only way out of heartbreak is to learn why it had happened in the first place. Can she get the answers she needs from Fab by spending one last day with her? Or can they maybe even get another chance at love?

The Characters

Oh my, Likotsi. I developed a MASSIVE crush on that sweet, dapper woman. She’s so personable and lovely, I just wanted to hug her and make her feel better about that broken heart.

And Fabiola? I didn’t love her at first because I was on team Likotsi, but when I found out why she broke up with her, my heart broke a little too.

These two make such a fabulous couple and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about them and their journey.

The Writing Style

Alyssa Cole did a couple of things with the story’s structure that I found really interesting. The first chapter is told from Likotsi’s perspective as she and Fab are reconnecting, and the second is from Fab’s perspective when she and Likotsi first meet. The chapters continue to alternate between the two timelines of their first run at love and their second, switching perspectives for most of them.

Alternating back and forth makes it easy to get invested in their reconnection as they work through all the baggage and angst because we understand how they’d developed such strong feelings the first time around. And doing all of this while sticking with the novella length? Truly brilliant.

The Pros

Well, first of all, everything.

Secondly, holy crap that cover is amazing. AH-MAZING. I love that we can truly see Fab and Likotsi and they are adorable.

The Cons

This is 100% not a con (nor do I have any), I just don’t know where else to put it. I want to give readers a heads up that while this is part of a series, it’s the only f/f installment so far. 

taras favourite lesbian booksThe Conclusion

If you’re at all a fan of second chance or rich girl/poor girl romances, you have to pick up Once Ghosted, Twice Shy. It’s so cute and a super fast read, and it left me with a totally happy sigh. I’m so glad Alyssa Cole’s writing f/f romances in addition to her m/f books, and I hope she has many more for us in the future!

Excerpt from Once Ghosted, Twice Shy by Alyssa Cole

The door separating one car from the other opened just as the train barreled into the darkness of the subway tunnel. The roar of the wheels on the tracks filled the car, and Likotsi’s head whipped toward the noise. The train rocked back and forth as it sped toward Canal Street, but Fabiola C strolled in like a sailor used to rough seas, unbothered.

She looked . . . different. During the time they’d spent together, she’d been dressed in meticulous pinup-girl style, but now that the initial shock was fading, Fab was beginning to come into focus.

Instead of a bright bandana or carefully set pin curls, Fab wore a blue knit hat with the white symbol of one of the sporting teams people in New York fought over. Her hair peeked out from under the cap, the tight curls framing her face by nature and not design. Her coat was of the knee-length down variety, black, and she wore jeans tucked into tan ankle-high work boots. She was still beautiful, but she was dressed . . . practically. It jarred Likotsi.

“I mean . . . hi?” Fab grabbed the pole over Likotsi’s seat and looked down. Her eyes were wide, displaying her emotions like a mega-screen at Forty-Second Street, and what they advertised was shock and, more surprisingly, uncertainty. Fab’s mouth twitched, but then she pressed her lips together.

From this angle, Likotsi could see Fab’s earrings nestled beneath her curls: finely spun metal shaped into three-dimensional teardrops. How appropriate.

“Fabiola.” Likotsi leaned back in her seat insouciantly, though she’d spent most of her train ride perched on the edge of her seat to avoid dirtying her coat unnecessarily. She refused to crane her neck up, though, and she didn’t trust her ability to stand just then.

“The one and only,” Fab replied with a mock curtsy. The overwhelming familiarity of her voice drove the cactus thorn deeper into Likotsi’s heart.

Goddess, Likotsi loved a woman with confidence. She loved this one in particular. But love didn’t change the fact that this woman had hurt her—that she could do the same if given another chance.

“Out of all the train cars in all the world you had to walk into mine.” Likotsi switched up which ankle was resting on which knee, the action forcing Fab to take a step back, then tilted her chin toward the doors separating the cars. “You’re only supposed to use those in case of emergency.”

“I’d say that seeing you a few feet away counts as an emergency.”

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