Nothing To Lose by Clare LydonNothing to Lose by Clare Lydon starts off quiet dramatically with a knock on Scarlet William’s front door in the dead of night. At the door is a police officer who tells her she had 30 minutes to pack up her life before her home and the town are flooded.

Across town Joy Hudson, the Mayor, is taking in flood refugees into her high-lying home.

Determined to get away from the crowded community centre the majority of the town is sheltered in, Scarlet makes her to the Mayor’s house, looking for a comfortable shelter and ignoring their polarizing views on the fate of the local football club.

Together the women go through some life changing events and realise that they are attracted to one another but is that enough to shake up old habits and release old fears?

Could the worst thing that has happened to Scarlet actually be the best?

The Characters

Scarlet Williams is divorced and alone. After her ex-wife gambled away their life life-savings she has cut herself off from love and life. Scarlet is quite a closed characters who through the book learns to be open and receptive to life and love.

Joy Hudson is a new lesbian with a high powered job and has not come out to her community yet. Her journey is one of learning to not care what others think and to live the life you want.

The Writing Style

Tamara: The writing style is classic Clare Lydon, a well paced story interspersed with wit and poignant human moments.

Sheena: This was a surprisingly serious book for Lydon. I found the beginning a little difficult at times because Scarlet was so down. I was glad I stuck in there, though, because the character  changes were worth it.

The Narration

Sheena: I listened to this audiobook after Tamara read it and I am so glad that I got to experience it on audio. Gabrielle Baker was the perfect narrator. She did all the voices clearly and kept the men from sounding like aliens. I was really impressed with her skills and highly recommend this as an audiobook.

The Pros

Tamara: The positive message woven into the story. While there is a romantic element to the story, Lydon takes us through a journey that sees Scarlet come out of a tragedy stronger and with a better life.

Sheena: The narration was perfect.

Lydon also does an exceptional job of bringing the town to life in this story and it made me want to visit.

The Cons

Tamara: None, unless you hate happy endings.

Sheena: I am not a huge fan of depressed characters and found Scarlet a little bit long suffering in the beginning. It wasn’t a major problem because Joy was exactly that – a Joy to listen to. The two women counterbalanced one another well and I loved Scarlet’s turn around.

The Conclusion

Tamara: I enjoyed Nothing to Lose by Clare Lydon and I think it’s a great read for lovers of women’s fiction but also for those of you going through a rough time at the moment. This story really helps you to put your problems into perspective and to see that there is hope even when life gets hard.

Sheena: This is a great audiobook when you want a sweet romance that centers around a lot of character growth and a sense that things may just be okay in the end.

In conclusion, go get this audiobook – you won’t be sorry you did.

Excerpt from Nothing To Lose by Clare Lydon

“How about you? I assume you’re not married?”

Scarlet sat up, clearing her throat. “Do I have that look about me?”

Joy laughed gently. “I just mean, you’re here on your own, so I assume you don’t have a partner waiting in the wings.”

“You assume right; I’m divorced, too. I’m 40 in a couple of months, single, and now homeless.” Scarlet let out a strangled laugh. “Not much of a catch, am I?”

Joy regarded Scarlet – she recognised a lost soul when she saw one. She’d been that her entire life, never quite cottoning on to the fact she was looking in the wrong place.

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Bits and Bobs

  • Publisher: Custard Books
  • ISBN: 9781534626072
  • Audiobook Publisher: Custard Books
  • Narrator: Gabrielle Baker

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Note: I received a free review copy of Nothing To Lose by Clare Lydon for review. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion I refuse to review books.

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