night hunt by ll rainedNight Hunt by LL Raand is book 3 of the Midnight Hunters series. See the reviews for The Midnight Hunt (book 1) and Blood Hunt (book 2) if you haven’t read them yet.

This book differs from the first two because a secondary character now becomes one of the lead characters in the book.

While we still see the main characters from the first two books they are no longer the only leads. This makes for a fun and refreshing take on the series.

One of Sylvan’s elite guards (centuri), Lara, is bitten by a vampire while saving Sylvan’s life. Niki, another centuri is ordered to protect Lara during her transition. This makes Niki feel displaced in the pack. This combined with her desire for a Were that she shouldn’t mate with makes for a great tale of angst and forbidden love.

The Characters

There are new characters that were mentioned in passing in the previous books. This is done well and the characters are nicely defined.

The Writing Style

The writing is fast paced and the story moves along swiftly. My only wish is that the war that is building would start or that we would have some major plot movement on the larger story of the humans vs. the Praetern coalition. One meeting or mention per book makes the larger plot feel slow.

The Pros

I enjoyed the main characters and the dilemma was fun. The writing style in Night Hunt by LL Raand was nice and kept moving along.

The Cons

It felt a little bit close to the first two books in terms of plot and could use some bigger movement in the overall plot.

The Conclusion

I enjoyed this novel and I enjoyed Niki’s story.

Excerpt from Night Hunt by LL Raand

Just before sunrise, Lara pulled Niki beneath her and pressed her mouth to Niki’s neck. “I hunger.”

Niki arched her back and gave her back and gave her throat to her Packmate, in submission and invitation. “Feed.”

Through the haze of her bloodlust, Lara’s heart constricted. Niki, the Pack imperator, the leader of the Alpha’s elite centuri guard, had never submitted to anyone except the Alpha, but she offered herself willingly now for Lara’s need. Daylight was coming, and Lara’s newly turned Vampire physiology drove her to consume the blood that would keep her alive during her somnolence until the circadian cycle edged into night and the deadly ultraviolet rays of the sun were neutralized.

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Book Details

  • ISBN number: 9781602826472
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

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