Never Too Late For Heroes by AL BrooksNever Too Late For Heroes by A.L. Brooks is a slow-burn romance that features a rookie agent who finds love on the job and a senior officer who gets another shot at teaming up with the heroine she has always been carrying a torch for.

Agent Geena Fox is looking forward to turning in her badge and riding off into the beautiful sunset of retirement. Six years ago Geena teamed up with Sunny, Fyre, Reed, Mary and Val in order to have the biggest showdown ever with Jewel, their arch-enemy and they were lucky enough to defeat her. Or so they thought. There was a huge fall-out from that battle because Geena had lost the only woman she had ever truly loved and she has been mourning for her deceased lover ever since that ill-fated day. Now her boss has saddled her with an eager newbie by the name of Leigh Walker and Geena is furious because she has enough problems already and now she has to show this rookie the ins and outs of her department. Geena gives Leigh an unsolved missing person’s case just to keep her out of her hair. However, Leigh has managed to uncover far more than what Geena ever thought she would find.

Meanwhile, there are four feisty elderly women in a retirement home called Hazy Days and their bizarre behavior is causing quite a stir because their inquisitive nurse believes that they are always up to something. When Geena and Leigh get together with the Power Clan, they realize that these women are the only ones who can help them to defeat Jewel for good this time.

Will Geena, Leigh and the Power Clan be able to defeat Jewel before she wreaks havoc on the United States of America and by extension, the entire world? 

The Characters

I don’t think I can adequately express all the love that I have for Agent Geena Fox, Leigh, Dana, Reed, Sunny, Fyre, Val and Mary but I’ll give it a shot because these women have touched my heart in their own special way.

Sunny, Reed, Fyre, Val and Mary used to be a formidable team before some of them lost their powers, confidence and youthfulness after a fierce battle with Jewel. I must say that I was delighted by the transformation that occurred when these wonderful superheroes realized that their services were still in high demand because they had to save the world from sudden doom. These awesome ladies shrugged off years of guilt, shame and sadness and they reclaimed the power that was truly their own.

Agent Geena Fox and Agent Leigh Walker are totally badass in my book because they worked side by side with the superheroes and they ended up in quite a few deadly situations in order for them to try to defeat Jewel. I don’t know about anyone else but there’s no way that I would ever have enough ovaries in this lifetime to go charging into a battle with a super villain who appears to always be one step ahead of me. These phenomenal women deserve the highest of fives!

Dana is a nurse at the Hazy Days retirement home. She is beyond nosy and her curiosity places her in some very hilarious circumstances at times. She is such a cheeky, fun-loving and determined woman and I couldn’t stop myself from loving her just as much as I love the agents and the boisterous band of heroines.

The Writing Style

A.L. Brooks has done a wonderful job of giving me vivid descriptions of each character and their quirky personalities because I can easily imagine what these awesome women would look like if they were real. This author has also done a great job of portraying each character’s deepest thoughts, their unpredictable emotions and their points of view without confusing me in the process.

The Pros

Someone has gotta hold my coffee mug and my fudge covered chocolate biscuits because I’m about to let my book dragon loose! There are amazing heroines in this story and I was sorely tempted to quit my day job so that I could join them on their mission to save the world. I must admit that I had the time of my life as I tagged along with Sunny, Reed, Val, Mary, Fyre, Geena, Leigh and Dana.

The Cons

There were a few lags in the storyline and I thought those areas could have been tightened up in order for the story to have a smoother flow.

The Conclusion

aprils favourite booksI think A.L. Brooks owns a crystal ball because how on earth did she find out about my fierce love for superheroes, especially aging superheroes who are feisty to the core! If you’re a huge fan of books that feature cops, an awful villain and older women with smart mouths coupled with astounding and unbelievable abilities, then this story is certainly for you!

Excerpt from Never Too Late For Heroes by A.L. Brooks

“It’s happening to me too,” Sunny said quietly.

Reed started in surprise, then frowned when she realized Mary and Val didn’t share that surprise. “You all knew?”

“Sunny’s mentioned a couple of incidents, yes.” Val raised a hand when Reed made to protest. “Leave it. We’re talking now, okay?”

Reed closed her mouth and turned back to Sunny.

“I can feel it building in me,” Sunny said softly, “and it sort of feels like it used to, that kind of tingle just behind my ears, but then when I try and focus on the damn thing, it goes haywire. I’ve taken out two lamp shades and a scarf already.”

“As well as the two scorch marks on the walls?” Val asked.

Sunny nodded.

“What about you, Mary?” Reed asked. “Anything?”

Mary shook her head. “Nothing. And I don’t know how I feel about that, knowing all y’all seem to be getting something back.”

“All?” Reed turned to face Val, her eyes narrowed. “Something to share?”

Val stiffened in her seat. “I was saving it for this meeting, so don’t be giving me the stink eye.” She relaxed a little when Reed raised a hand in apology. “Yes, three times now. Mary witnessed the last one.”

“What happened?” Sunny asked.

“I was just flicking water out of a glass at Mary across the table. Next thing I knew, the glass was across the room smashing into a wall. It had already happened in my room a couple of times with the TV remote. Trying to toss it onto the couch and the next thing I know it’s thirty yards out in the garden.”

A silence fell between them. Cardinals and chickadees flitted and twittered in the trees above them, and the ever-rising sun increased the warmth in the air. It was a beautiful summer’s day, Mary noted, but why did she feel so cold inside?

Reed broke the silence. “So, what do we think it means?”

“Hell if I know,” Sunny said.

Val looked away.

“Val?” Reed’s voice was soft. When Val wouldn’t turn back, Reed reached out a hand and laid it on her shoulder. “Val, what’s wrong?”

When she turned back, Mary gasped at the look of fear on her face.

“I think she’s back,” Val whispered, looking around at each of them.



“No!” Mary stared at her cousin, her heart thumping. This couldn’t be… How could…? “Val, you can’t be serious,” she whispered.

Val slumped back against the seat, and a resigned expression replaced the one of fear. “I ain’t gonna joke about something like that.” She stared at Reed. “I think she’s back. And I think you oughta call Agent Fox.”

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